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Reading isn’t just for the CEO! Make it a priority to keep your team current in your industry.

If you look at the reading material of many of the top managers and executives you will probably find an array of articles, books and journals related to their field.

Did you know that getting your team reading the same material as the people in leadership roles will have a major positive effect on team building?

group activity

There are many reasons why reading is critical to individual success, such as increased knowledge, concentration, memory, and  vocabulary. It is just as beneficial for groups too. Allot your team time to read something relevant, then get together in a group to reflect, share opinions and find how it relates to the business.

This group activity will lead to a boost in your team’s self-confidence, problem solving and cohesiveness.

If you want to take the results a step further, start an office book club. Assign chapters and schedule meetings to discuss each topic. The bonus here is that your group can review what they’ve read and then find a way to connect what they’ve learned to a work project. We retain 90% or more information when we are able to teach or apply information immediately after we learn it.

One common issue for team is communicating effectively. If communication is failing, this would be a great time to find an article or book or even a funny comic they can relate to. It might be enough to help pull them out of a rut and feel inspired again, or at least get them to see the bright side for long enough to get them back in the game.

group activity

There is a lot of great reading material available. What are some of your favorites in your field, and do you ask your team to read it too?


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