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Improv techniques help keep the employees at Method “weird, creative and humble.”

It’s been fun AND effective.

Method, a San Francisco based cleaning products company, uses improv training for employees in order to teach them the importance of attention to details. Certain elements of improv, such as mindset and stance, are emphasized in training techniques in order to promote facilitation of innovation. Co-owner of Method, Eric Ryan, uses improv techniques as one of the ways to boost creativity among his employees (along with other quirky things such as honoring an employee of the month and giving them a cape and crown to wear for the day).

The fundamentals of improv training in a business setting transfer into increasing productivity, new ideas and authenticity, promoting risk-taking and spontaneity, and building trust.

Like Method, we believe that improv training has huge benefits! Plus, it’s simply just fun!

Do you think improv techniques would help your company improve creativity and communication?

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