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The word “no” can be so limiting. Why not open up a conversation by using “yes, and…” instead. This applied improv exercise will get you working as a team.

Using the “yes, and…” approach is one of the basics of improv comedy. It allows the scene to flow and makes room for anything to happen. It’s all about accepting a scenario that is presented to you, no matter how ridiculous or unplanned, and running with it.

Applied Improv At Work

The word “no” is used so often in the workplace. It’s powerful. It gives people authority.

applied improv exercise at work

Why not try using the “yes, and…” approach to re-evaluate the connotation of the word “no”? It’s an important way to acknowledge and give weight to the opinions and ideas of others.

In January, ComedySportz worked with Strategic Contact at their annual company meeting. The opportunity to apply improvisational techniques to improving team work and communication proved itself extremely valuable! Check out what Strategic Contact had to say about their experience.

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