So You’re Going on a Summer Outing

July is upon us, which means the season of summer outing has arrived! Whether you’re going for a fully facilitated summer outing like Outrageous Games or Ultimate Tailgate Challenge, or opting to do it yourself, it’s time to get out and enjoy the sun! But what can you do to make sure you have the best possible summer outing? We’ve got some tips for ways to be prepared for your fun in the sun!

1) Plan A Day That Works For Most People

It may seem like a bit of a no-brainer tip, but actually taking the time to stop and consider which days work the best for your team can have a big impact on how much they enjoy your event. If people are distracted and worrying about a project they left half-done, they’re not going to get the most out of the experience you’re offering. Your summer outing will go much better if people view it as time away from the office, rather than something getting in the way of completing their work.

Which day works will vary dramatically from group to group, of course. A lot of this will depend on the pattern of work flowing through your office. For some teams, end of the week is the perfect time to get out and about, as they have fewer on-going projects at this time. Others might feel they need the last couple days of the week to tie up loose ends and feel pressured to do work outside of the office to make up for this lost time. Ultimately, having an understanding of your office’s work patterns is important to creating a successful summer outing.

2) Dress For Any KindSummer Weather

It can often be hard to predict what mother nature’s going to throw at you, particularly if you’re planning your event months in advance. Because of this, you can’t always guarantee that it won’t be cold and rainy on the day you’re scheduled to do something outside. Having a backup location is always a good idea, but you can still have fun outside on an overcast day.

Check the weather the day before the event and let your team know if it’s going to be colder than expected so that they can dress accordingly. Encourage people to bring a light jacket or hoodie that they can throw on if the temperature drops. It also never hurts to bring along extra sunscreen or umbrellas just in case.

3) Bond Around a Meal

Even the most disagreeable team member will likely grouse less about being dragged away from their work if you make food a part of the bargain. As well as being a convenient social tool, having food on offer makes your get-away feel more like a treat than an obligation.

While you can easily build in time for a meal before of after most events, TeamBonding and EZCater have come together to bring team building and food together. Do Good Bus, in particular, is an excellent summer outing, which combines being out and about the city with some hands on charity work. Add to that a stop for a meal at a signature location in your city, and you’ve got a great opportunity to do good and make memories together.

4) Be Ready for Anything

Being prepared is a smart and obvious way to ensure you have a good summer outing. But you can make the process of getting ready fun too! Why not treat your prep list like a scavenger hunt? Give the people on your team a list of items you want to bring (bottled water, sunscreen, disposable bags, band-aids, snacks) or if you’re running your own summer outing, things you need for your event.

As long as you’re willing to reimburse people for the money they spend, this can be a practical way to get your team energized for your summer outing. However, it is a good idea to have the deadline for the scavenger hunt be a couple days before the event. That way if any necessities get left out, you have time to pick them up.

5) Keep Going Strong

During your summer outing, your team will make memories and practice skills which will help strengthen their working relationships. Don’t forget, though. Relationships take work! It’s important to keep up your team building spirit in the days and weeks following your summer outing.

Capitalize your renewed together with a game like Teams Against Humanity. Games like this reward your team members for knowing each other on the personal level, and are fun ways to shake up the lunch break. In the week following the event, gather everyone together and spend a little time together. This will reinforce the interpersonal work you did, and remind everyone how much fun they can have together.

How do you prepare for your summer outings?

Emily D

Team Contributor


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