The White Privilege, Black Power Experience

The tailored, topic-driven virtual performances cover a wide range of diversity issues and are a delightfully warm and engaging blend of courage, vulnerability, deep listening, levity, and profound empathy.

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Event Overview

A Refreshing Approach to Diversity & Inclusion

A Refreshing Approach to Diversity & Inclusion Education

White Privilege, Black Power, an award-winning virtual improv show, represents a departure from the traditional, furrowed-brow approach to Diversity and Inclusion education. Performers Greg Tindale and Eva Lewis are both delightfully and painfully human, profoundly relatable, and entirely disarming. This nimble-witted duo moves their audiences well beyond humdrum virtual conference room presentations by captivating onlookers with their insatiable curiosity, willing vulnerability, a penchant for awkward topics, and frank exchange.

Interjected by moments of inspired improv, the performance weaves itself around a conversation between the two performers, or a special guest interview, to which we return again and again. The format—itself a lesson in authentic communication and impactful co–creation—is a deceptively simple one: Listen. Empathize. Contribute. Repeat.

This audience-tailored, incisive performance is sure to spark change-making discussion. Rife with wit, humor, sincerity, and a huge helping of empathy, it is an experience that simultaneously entertains and teaches.

This program includes”Talk Back” –  a 30-minute follow up with White Privilege Black Power performers, hosted by a master facilitator to discuss any topics relevant to improv, diversity and inclusion, workplace culture, etc..

Listen. Empathize. Contribute. Repeat.

Group Size

10 - 300

Time Needed

60 - 90 minutes

Ideal For

  • A more inclusive culture through increased empathy, tolerance, and social perspective-taking.
  • Better collaboration due to increased sharing of and receptivity to different ideas and perspectives.
  • A heightened understanding of concepts and command of correlated vocabulary.
  • Higher emotional and cross-cultural intelligence.
  • Enhanced ability to creatively and confidently problem-solve and communicate ideas.
  • Increased creativity, better problem-solving, and the capacity to innovate.


We’ll solicit ideas for the show by fielding an anonymous survey to audience members in advance. Ideas will be selected live and given to WPBP in the moment. The tailored, topic-driven performances cover a wide range of diversity issues and are a delightfully warm and engaging blend of courage, vulnerability, deep listening, levity, and profound empathy.

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