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Have you made a team building resolution for the New Year?! You should!

Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklers

The best team building strategies come from strong leaders that set goals and we have a few suggestions to help you get started:

1. Take some notes. What worked during your company holiday party? What didn’t work? Start planning for 2014 now.

team building strategy

2. Start Spring off strong with a green workplace challenge.

strategies for team

3. Incorporate team building activities into one meeting each month.

4. Schedule an annual team building event.

team building strategies with food

5. Share a meal with a different colleague once a week.

6. Invest in corporate training programs for yourself and your team.

7. Develop strategies to increase the engagement of your virtual team members.

8. Implement one new tool that will help foster collaboration each month.

trello fosters effective teamwork: team building strategies

9. Consider some perks like gym memberships or social activities like a running club to boost productivity.

10. Recruit others to spearhead team building initiatives.

11. Clarify everyone’s role by the end of the quarter. Then, re-clarify.

12. Try making a few decisions as a team.

team decision making strategies

13. Reward a few failures. It will not hurt…too much. We promise.

14. Read a team building eBook, full of helpful information!

team building strategies that work

Are you already taking these steps toward building a strong team? What are your work resolutions for the New Year?

Need more inspiration? Check out more team building tips. Set at least three new team building resolutions for 2014 and you’ll start the new year off as a strong team leader.

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