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Challenges & Purpose

Connecting with remote volunteers.

What Happened?

The Need

Black Cat Rescue (BCR) is a No Kill cat rescue organization in Boston, MA. Their ALL-volunteer network of staff and foster homes are dedicated to saving the lives of homeless black cats and kittens by providing quality foster care, while actively seeking loving, permanent adoptive homes. BCR foster cats and volunteers come from all over Massachusetts. Without a physical shelter location, the organization is constantly working to keep their team and networks connected.

The Solution

After working to understand the needs and the mission of Black Cat Rescue, TeamBonding began working with a local artist to identify opportunities to “improve the public image of both black cats and animal adoption” – something BCR does every day by making black cat adoption a positive experience for all involved. As BCR is a non-profit, TeamBonding also understood the need to focus on collaboration characterized by fun, laughter, and the right cultural fit to reinforce the internal commitments to open communication as an entirely virtually team.

The TeamBonding Event Manager worked with BCR to organize all the event details between the organization, the venue, their facilitator (in this case, an artist named Chris!) and a local photographer to capture the event. Chris arrived at the venue early to setup the graffiti mural canvas with a custom design outline and lay out practice boards along with all painting material. He was ready to get started before the BCR team arrived. The event started with a brief history of graffiti, an overview of some of Chris’s previous artistic work around the city of Boston and a little friendly competition with painting practice of colorful paw prints using stencils on canvas boards.

The Results

As part of a collaborative effort, Black Cat Rescue volunteer staff and foster homes – some who had worked together for years, but had never met – created a 20ft x 6ft graffiti based mural! The majority of participants had no prior artistic experience, but everyone jumped in to construct something beautiful after some quick and stellar spray can control lessons and technique reviews. Participants also received small pieces of work they created as a memento of their time shared together. Throughout this fresh, exciting, strategically-focused fun there were energetic tunes, plenty of time for socializing and a joyous sense throughout the evening. The whole Black Cat Rescue team felt a true sense of accomplishment, strengthened bonds and a sense of pride that has helped foster their philanthropic mission.

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