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Do you remember your first science fair? Did your parents do your project for you? Not this time! This is your chance to act and think like a scientist. There is a science to building great teams and this original team building program shows great teams can build a science project.


Group Size

15 - 150

Time Needed

1.5 - 2.5Hrs

Space Requirement

Set up stations will be needed for each of the 3 or 4 science activities that teams will be competing in. The number of teams will determine the set up and rotation.

Ideal For

  • Light-hearted competition
  • Problem solving
  • Nostalgia and fun


Our hands-on approach and focus on science and team building practices teaches teams about the fun of science and helps to spark their imaginations! If desired, we can facilitate a “championship” round for each of the science activities, allowing the entire group to watch and cheer on the highest scoring teams.

Event Description

There is a science to building great teams and this original team building Science Fair project game shows what great teams can accomplish.

At the start of class, the “Teacher” (Facilitator) passes out three quizzes. Teams can work together to complete these quizzes. They must rely on the collective knowledge of their team.

Topics Include:

  1. Scientific Terms
  2. Famous Scientists
  3. Science Review

After teams have completed and corrected all the group building activities, you’ll see who made the “Honor Roll”.

Let the Activities Begin!

Next, it’s time to get to work. Teams rotate through science classes. At each station, teams will complete a science project as outlined and will compete using their completed projects.

Science Fair Projects Can Include:

  1. Catapult
  2. Kinetic Energy
  3. Squishy Circuits

Winning teams will be announced based on overall scoring. If desired, awards could be given to teams based on categories such as Most Creative, Most Advanced, etc.

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