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Number 3 on TeamBonding’s list of “TOP 10: reasons why we make a great partner in helping companies build strong teams is: No Smoke & Mirrors

When I started TeamBonding, the web was in its early stages. In those days, our clients knew us, trusted us, and most often met us before we delivered their team building event. Today, we rely on our website to introduce us to new clients and we have to build trust in the story we tell.

Sometimes I wish I could just pull back the curtain and show people the team we have behind the scenes and the dedication they show that makes our team building events the best they can be.

When you work with TeamBonding, you deal directly with my team. We handle your program start to finish, with complete accountability and we control all logistics. Our Corporate Event Managers get involved in the process as soon as you choose the program that best fits your team. They select and communicate event information to your facilitator who delivers your program, and they connect with venues so that there are no surprises for you or for us.

Although we may not meet, we have an office (two actually), with desks, computers, software, calendars, and a warehouse, all in place to support your event. Your TeamBonding facilitator is experienced at delivering the program that you chose, and our assistants are all screened. Essentially, our team builds your team. It’s as simple as that and that makes you look good.

Smoke and Mirrors? Not a chance. What you see is what you get and new clients become old friends as soon as their event is completed as promised.

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