New Year’s Office Resolutions

It’s a new year, which means making personal new year’s resolutions and office resolutions. A great way to do this is to start a goal sheet. Write down everything you envision for the year.  If you haven’t started on your 2020 Vision goal sheet, here are some tips to get a head start!

2020 Vision Goal Sheet Tips

1. Tidy up!

New Years Resolutions Clean Up Your Messy Desk Is your desk messy? Start by cleaning up your desk. Put away, or dispose of last year’s notes, documents, and paperwork. Anything you think you might need, save a digital copy of it on your drive/server. You’ll be surprised at how good you feel afterward. It’s a rewarding, fresh start to the new year and getting started on your goal sheet. Your goal sheet can be your planner, a calendar, word doc, anything you want.

2. Best Practices

Have you taken a step back and looked at your project management tools? Is there anything you can purchase or implement this year that will help speed up productivity? Your team’s productivity?

Before purchasing anything new, make sure you consider the following:

•  How many people on your team will be using it?
•  Does the product have any useful integrations?
•  Does the product have all the features/capabilities you need?
•  Will you be able to manage a calendar within it?
•  Will it assist team management and project delivery?
•  Is it right for your field/ industry?
•  Read reviews on the product.

There is no shortage of project management tools in 2020! Since more and more businesses save their files digitally and work remotely, the demand for best practices is high.  There are endless applications to choose from and purchasing the right project management tools will move you closer to checking off something on your goal sheet.

3. Skill Sets

Would you benefit from learning a certain skill set? Do you know everything that there is to know about the programs you are using? The CRM system? Automation software?

Keep current on your knowledge of your field and trends.

• Network, Network, Network!
• Attend events. Learn what other like-minded professionals are up to.
• Check online for webinars, tutorials or other resources.
• Freshen up your skills by signing up for an online class, or certification.

4. Department Communication

A company that has seamless department communication not only forms a pleasant work culture,  it means they creating solutions together. It also means they have fewer speed bumps and fewer misunderstandings overall.

Keep an open line of communication between you and your team.
• Never assume someone has been made aware of a change. Discuss it beforehand.
• Leave yourself openly available for questions, or offer to help in some manner.
• Address a problem right away. It avoids future conflicts and frustrations.
• Discuss your ideas with your co-workers and be open to change yourself.

5. Employee Activities

Something you can’t forget on your goal sheet, are your ideas for team activities for the year. List out some ideas that you and your team can do together. whether it be a simple lunch, holiday parties, giving back to the community, an office game, or a corporate getaway. Options are endless. Check out our free downloadables here, or see what other companies are doing on our most popular events page.


Make 2020 the best year yet!


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