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Music can influence your mood and your behavior, making song a powerful team building and motivational tool. Today’s song will not only get you moving, it will inspire you to pitch in and collaborate as a team.

Motivational Music That Works

“The Man” by Aloe Blacc

Aloe Blacc really IS “The Man”. He’s been gaining more popularity in the music world lately, and we think his new song “The Man” has an awesome message. Aloe says: “Won’t hide my tail or turn and run, it’s time to do what must be done, be a king when kingdom comes.” What he’s saying is take responsibility for your actions and stop making excuses! Be the best version of yourself and show everybody around you that you’re “the man”. Contribute your unique skills or talents to your team and prove how important you are as a part of your group dynamic. Confidence is key.

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Are there any songs that inspire or speak to you? Share your motivational music with us, and we may feature them!

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