Feature Friday | Sports Team Building

Have you ever been a Cub Scout?

If you are nodding right now, and you were in fact a Cub Scout during the glory days, then you will most likely remember the Pinewood Derby.

Sports Team Building

I was a Girl Scout by default, so I personally never got to experience the Pinewood Derby. But after a little online research, I sure do wish it was offered to the Girl Scouts as well.

Regardless of your Scout status, you have the opportunity to relive, or first-time experience, a Pinewood Derby-like event that you’ll never forget.

Sports Team Building: TableTop FASTCAR

In true Scout fashion, this event requires all hands on deck – or should we say track?

Once the Pit Crew “Oath” is recited, each team will race against one another to be the first to carve, build, decorate and race their specialized cars.

To aid the development of a sturdy and dependable race car, teams are allotted a pack of kid-friendly favorites – Legos! (Just make sure you don’t step on them! OUCH!)

In addition to constructing a race-worthy car, your teams are also required to design a game winning Car Flag.

This is an important creative element to the event. Your flag should represent your team, so be sure to enlist the help of your innovative team members. The ranking of the flag is included in the team’s final judgment score.

After cars and flags are procured, it’s off to the races! May the best team win and secure the #1 Rank – like Jimmie Johnson in NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series.

Sports Team Building

 TableTop FASTCAR will help your team improve:
Team spirit
Time management
Resource management
Big-picture thinking

Jillian Sheedy

Team Contributor


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