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Commitment and continuation are key to Team Bonding success.

It is important to have full commitment from everyone involved in order to run a successful Team Bonding event.

Always lead the action.

You’ve been to a corporate event or participated in “team building” activities where everyone meant to be a team, but everything seems forced and awkward, right? Where there was a lot of sighing, eye rolling, and plain old resistance to the idea of team development?

You must set an example for the others as a leader. If you’re enthusiastic about your event and you lead your team by example, they’re more likely to get right behind you rather than straddling at the back and resisting the process.

There will always be one or two who don’t want to get involved, but if everyone else is on board, then they’ll be much more motivated to play their part. Just be sure to honor everyone’s style during your event.

bonding for team development

Keep the momentum going.

Don’t make the mistake of returning from a team development exercise having learned nothing. Continue the momentum means maintaining the positive feelings and relationships you built during the day of your event. Be sure to continuously review and evaluate your teams progress.

  • Is the team getting the results that are expected by its customers or others in the company?
  • Does the team set up mechanisms to continually ask, “how are we doing?”

Hold regular staff meetings to build a peak performance organization. Bring your people together weekly, at a fixed time, to catch up on progress, learn how the company is doing, and share ideas.

How do you show your commitment to team development?

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