Summer is here! It’s time to get your team outside to enjoy some friendly competition in the fresh air with Summer team building activities!  Browse the suggestions below to kickstart a summer of fun.

Events for the Summer Season


In Build-a-Boat, each team gets the gear and crafts their own boats, aiming to make them as stylish as they are seaworthy. It’s all about teamwork — navigate the race course together or end up in a hilarious float fiasco! Earn points for creativity, design flair, and epic team spirit and end on a high note with a lively award bash.


Summer Camp Throwback

Unplug, unwind, and engage beyond your desk with our Summer Camp Throwback! Compete in hilarious challenges, create camp-themed cheers, and reconnect with your team in a fun, high-energy setting that feels just like being a kid at camp again.

summer camp throwback

Ice Cream Challenge

Indulge in a summer ice cream challenge that’s sweet and fun! Craft delicious flavors using liquid nitrogen, create homemade waffle cones, and compete to impress the judges with your team’s creative concoctions. Available in person or virtually.

ice cream team building challenge

Amazing Race Scavenger Hunt

Embark on an interactive adventure with the Amazing Race Scavenger Hunt, customized for your team and terrain! With challenges tailored to your learning and team building goals, teams download the app and race to complete tasks while capturing unforgettable moments. Available in person or virtually.

Amazing Race Scavenger Hunt

The Mystery Bus

Looking to surprise your team with an unforgettable adventure? Hop on the Mystery Bus for a fun-filled journey through hand-picked locations, featuring culinary adventures, cultural experiences, and low-stress activities, all perfectly planned for you!

Mystery Bus

Build Your Own Mini Golf Course

Join us for a DIY mini golf adventure where your team creates a whimsical course using tubes, pipes, and more! Play, laugh, and compete on themed holes, and for the CSR version, build with canned goods that are donated to a local food pantry afterward.

build your own mini golf course

Give Back on World Music Day

What better way to celebrate World Music Day on June 21 than by building guitars to donate to local music schools? The Charity Guitar Build is a great opportunity to practice teamwork and collaboration with a clear positive goal in mind.

Charity Guitar Build

Celebrate DEI During Pride Month

June is LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, and what better way to celebrate than with a customized Pride event?

The Big Picture

Celebrate Pride Month with The Big Picture, an unforgettable experience where everyone contributes to a collective mural. Guided by enthusiastic facilitators, your team will create a vibrant masterpiece that showcases the power of communication, collaboration, and unity.

The Big Picture

Survey Says

Get ready for fun with our Pride-themed Survey Says Game Show, TeamBonding’s hilarious twist on Family Feud! Two teams face off to guess the top answers, complete with all the classic game show elements. Perfect for celebrating differences and having a blast, this customizable game show will have everyone laughing and connecting like never before!

Survey Says

Your team deserves to be treated and celebrated this month! Be sure to check out all of our activities to find the right fit for your team.

Camille VanBuskirk

Team Contributor


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