Happy March! Here’s to the first month of spring, March Madness, better teamwork, and happier teams. Check out our list of this month’s featured in person, virtual, charitable, and culinary activities to try with your team below. We have something for every team. Whether you are looking to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day at the office or starting to plan Administrative Professionals Day, don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance team collaboration and uplift morale.

“Spring” Into March With Our Team Building Programs

Clean Water Connection

Clean Water Connection is a team-building program that offers a meaningful, hands-on approach to impacting communities around the globe. With just 10 parts, clicks, and screws, you can assemble a filter that will affect lives worldwide. Each one has helped provide 12 people with clean water for 10+ years! The ripple effects of these water filter donations include providing health benefits, increasing sanitation, saving hours of time each day, and improving education and work rates. Connect with your teams as you connect with a global community in need of the most basic of elements: water.

Wheels Around the World

In this all new philanthropic event, each team will sponsor a wheelchair, complete a set of activities, decorate and personalize a wheel safety cover, and discover more about their recipients. Participants will make a direct impact on a person’s life while at the same time raising awareness of what it is like to live with a disability. Wheels Around the World will leave your team with a sense of fulfillment, purpose, and knowledge that you have made a real positive difference in someone’s life.


Get your party hat on – it’s time to make a difference. We just added Build-A-Birthday to our roster of impactful charitable team building events. Your team can do just that by providing homeless children with the gift of a magical birthday party! If you’re looking for an opportunity to give back to your community, have an unforgettable team experience, and impact the life of a child: consider this your party invitation.

The Big Give

A combination of several popular charity programs morphed into one mega giving extravaganza, The Big Give is ideal for a company seeking an opportunity to build not only relationships but also boost Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as well. This program leads to the creation of an abundance of children’s items to be donated to a local charity for the New Year.

Holiday Happy Hour & Mixology

Hosted by an award-winning mixologist, this lighthearted event lets your group learn tips, tricks and sure-fire recipes from a real pro. Not to mention delicious cocktail kits. Let us coordinate this perfect Happy Hour celebration as a stress-free way to get your team engaged. We even have the perfect Saint Patrick’s Day offering. And if you want to mixology in person, we have that too!

Play it Forward – The Giveback Gameshow

Spark your excitement with Play It Forward. Based on the popular pricing game show, but with a charitable twist. In this giveback version, teams compete in pricing challenges and trivia in order to win it all for charity.

Mystery Bus

Surprise your team with a mystery bus ride! Transport your team to some of the weirdest, coolest, most wonderful destinations in and around your city of choice.

Outrageous Games

Outrageous Games is a high-energy, fast-paced team building program and perfect to get your team outside enjoying the weather. Your group competes head-to-head in ten wacky, wild, decidedly non-athletic relay races. The games are designed to build team strength, facilitate communication and develop problem-solving skills. All are suitable for a wide range of ages and athletic abilities.

Corporate Survivor

In true Survivor fashion, Corporate Survivor is an opportunity to see your group working, laughing and learning together like never before. They’ll enjoy all the drama and adrenaline rush of the real Survivor experience as they work to outwit, outplay and outlast the competition.


Employee Wellness

Make Employee Wellness a priority in 2023. Resilience and wellness both have a huge impact on productivity and overall happiness. In this virtual team building event, you’ll learn how to adapt to changes and recharge effectively in today’s new work-at-home realty.

Your team deserves to be treated and celebrated this month! Be sure to check out all of our activities to find the right fit for your team.

Anna Webber

Team Contributor


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