Happy September! Here’s to the last full month of summer, back-to-school season, football, better teamwork, and happier teams. Check out our list of this months featured in person, virtual, charitable, and culinary activities to try with your team. P.S. It’s time to start carving your way into the Halloween spirit🎃!

In Person Events


Try our all-new event Synergk. Give your team a nostalgic 80s feel with 8-bit music and unique minigame-style challenges. Synergk is a one-of-a-kind collaborative team building experience where players cannot play alone and must rely on their team to move forward.

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In this engaging app-based augmented reality game, your group must work to track down all the animals that have escaped from the City Zoo. Players take on specialist roles while communicating via the app’s walkie-talkie feature.

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Mystery Bus

This custom-tailored team building event transports your team to some of the weirdest, coolest, most undiscovered destinations in and around your city of choice. They truly won’t know where they’re going till they get there. And of course, we have a Halloween-themed Mystery Bus adventure.

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Pumpkin Carving

When’s the right time to start getting excited for Halloween? The answer is now. In this hands-on team building event, your group works to design, carve and decorate pumpkins. The whole experience is designed to bring out everyone’s laughter and creativity. A lighthearted awards ceremony adds to the fun.

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Leadership Stories

This engaging event is designed specifically to cultivate your team’s leadership skills. Competing as teams, you’ll consider a series of scenarios that require crisp, smart leadership decisions. Entertaining and enlightening.

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Ultimate Tailgate Challenge

We are also finally welcoming back football season. This is a comically competitive, seriously fun team building program inspired by the classic games you might enjoy at a tailgate party. Naturally, our version involves strategy, teamwork, and throwing stuff. Serious fun.

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The Great Team Building Pumpkin Race

Get ready for the most fun and unusual Halloween event your team may ever experience. Let imaginations run wild as you design and decorate your own pumpkin racers. What they lack in aerodynamics, they make up for in pure fun.

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Virtual Events

Big Inc.

Do you watch Big Brother? This ultimate social strategy competition is loosely based on the CBS Reality Competition Series, Big Brother. Become New Hires at Big Inc. where you and your colleagues have one goal: to get incorporated with one another.

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Around the Virtual Campfire

August is one of the best months for a campfire, even a virtual one. There’s something timeless and comforting about the experience of gathering ‘round the fire. Our Virtual Campfire activity features live music, interactive stories, custom trivia, and more. And did we mention the S’mores kits?

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Haunted House Virtual Escape Room

This is one of our most popular virtual Halloween events. Led by one of our acclaimed event hosts, this app-driven experience has teams of 4 – 5 people solving cryptic clues and completing hilarious photo challenges as they compete to be the first to escape a virtual haunted house.

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Jury Duty

In this fun team building challenge, you’ll work to unravel a crime mystery and decide on a verdict. Interact with live actors, review the visual and audio evidence, then put your powers of deductive reasoning to the test.

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Virtual Murder Mystery Dinner

We’re proud of our exclusive partnership with Mystery Café, America’s Original Mystery Dinner Theater – they’re simply the best. Guided by a quirky detective, you’ll solve a crime by interrogating a wild cast of characters.

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Ice Cream Challenge

This may be the last full month of summer, but Ice Cream never goes out of style. Guided by an expert facilitator, teams collaborate, innovate and compete to create a winning product. We use the chilly magic of Liquid Nitrogen to thoroughly freeze ice cream within seconds, for tasty instant gratification.

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Ice Cream Making

Salsa Showdown

Experience the traditional sights, sounds and flavors of Mexico in this upbeat event. Teams make delicious salsas from fresh ingredients. They also create their own salsa branding, proudly displaying it on custom aprons. Not to mention, you might find the perfect recipe to bring to your next tailgate.

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Salsa and Sangria Showdown

Food Truck Challenge

This deliciously exciting culinary team building event will set your team on course for a culinary adventure. Beyond all the positive energy and fun, this is a great way to promote friendly competition and employee bonding.

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Food Truck Challenge on Team Building

The Great Appetizer Challenge

Get ready to relax and socialize while enjoying a variety of mouth-watering appetizers you’ll make using fresh local ingredients. Team food preparation is a great way to reinforce healthy group dynamics. It’s also really fun.

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Murder Mystery Dinners

Get ready for a night of intrigue, mystery, murder and fun – and the whole experience plays out over a great meal. This highly interactive event features entertaining professional actors who will always keep you guessing.

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Culinary Cook-Along

In this interactive hands-on culinary experience, an engaging master chef teaches your group how to prepare a delicious dish from scratch. This is the perfect blend of virtual learning, laughter, and foodie fun. Be sure to check out the Tailgating at Home Option.

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Little Team Library

Check out our brand-new charitable event, Little Free Library! Give the gift of literacy in this hands-on charitable program that combines the building of Little Free Libraries with the creativity of storytelling. Teams will work together to assemble the kits, decorate, and write and illustrate a children’s book to go in the finished product. In this unforgettable event, you’ll create a permanent neighborhood book exchange in the community while having fun and connecting with your team.

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Do Good Bus

Giving back to your community always feels good. Getting out into that community while you’re giving back is even better. And when your team travels together by bus to reach their destination? We call that next-level good.

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Tools for Schools

This hands-on corporate charity event has your group filling backpacks with notebooks, pencils, erasers and other vital school supplies. But they’ll have to earn them in a series of fun mental and physical team challenges.

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The Donation Station

Focus on giving back, where your team works together to make a personalized donation to an organization of your choice. This is charitable giving, made easy. You choose what kind of organization you want to support, and we take care of the rest.

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Wheelchairs Around the World

In this philanthropic event, each team will sponsor a wheelchair, complete a set of activities, decorate and personalize a wheel safety cover, and discover more about their recipients. Participants will make a direct impact on a person’s life while at the same time raising awareness of what it is like to live with a disability.

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Foodbank Showdown

Based on beloved TV favorite “The Price Is Right,” this high-energy team building game show provides fun with a purpose. A big-hearted twist: teams use their Showdown Coupons to buy real groceries for local families in need.

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Food Bank Showdown

Be sure to check out all of our team building activities to find the right fit for your team.

Anna Webber

Team Contributor


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