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By: Lauren Baker|July 18, 2014| Save This Idea


What could be better than bonding with your team over a new ice cream flavor or some homemade New England chowdah? These programs are the the perfect mix of fun and competition for a summer day.

deliciousNow, how can you make your own ice cream? Your team will be divided into smaller groups of 4-6 people. Participants will leave their smaller teams to become an expert in one of the following areas: recipe basics, waffle cone making, equipment instructions or marketing fundamentals.

Individual teams will then be put to the ultimate test. You and your team must come together with your new skills to create a brand new ice cream flavor. Finally, the “Ice Cream Making Champions” will be determined during the awards ceremony while you enjoy your tasty ice cream and homemade waffle cones!

We use liquid nitrogen too! Liquid nitrogen is a liquefied gas that we use to freeze the ice cream base within seconds. The best part? When the liquid nitrogen is poured onto the ice cream base it creates a very dramatic cloud (participants love to play in it)!

This is one of the TeamBonding team’s favorite programs! Check out our very own TeamBonding team member, Dana, using the magical liquid nitrogen.

What better way to spend time with your co-workers in the summer than creating and eating the perfect cold summer treat! Plus, you’ll further your skills in relationship building as well as planning as a team, all over ice cream.But, what if you’re in the mood for something hot? We’ve got that too! Get ready to channel your inner Bostonian with some wicked good chowdah.chowdah

In the Wicked Good Chowdah Cook-Off program, teams will compete to make the best chowdah possible. TeamBonding facilitators will provide the groceries, and you will create a wicked good recipe! What exactly is the perfect amount of cream, butter, onions, corn, eggs, fish and clams? We’ll leave that up to you and your team to decide.

At the end of your wicked fun team building experience, there will be awards. Teams will present their mouth-watering chowdah recipes to the judges. Judges will taste test each recipe and give accolades to the winners (yes, there is more than one!)

Both of these programs will be sure to leave you feeling satisfied. So, decide what you and your team are hungry for and get cooking!

What’s your favorite summer treat? Do you have any secret recipes?

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