Introducing the newest team building events from TeamBonding. 

Big Inc. 

Put your teams’ social strategy to the test. Inspired by the CBS reality series, Big Brother, you and your team will work against the other teams to become the new head of HR. This is the ultimate get-to-know-you activity for teams looking to develop new and existing relationships. Get the details > 

Crowd Says

A twist on one of our top events, Survey Says, during which, in game-show-style your team will brainstorm answers to various questions. Work together to reach the final round and become champions! Get the details > 


Squad Games

Green light means go! Work your way through a series of challenges alongside your team. The further you go, the harder it will get. All of the excitement, none of the violence. To have success teams will need to work together, be resilient, and be focused. Think your team has what it takes? Get the details > 

Jury Duty

Challenge your team to work together and come to a verdict after solving the mystery. With three cases to choose from, you and your team will interact with live actors as you dig through audio and visual evidence. It all comes down to one question: are they guilty? Get the details >

Ready for some team building fun?  Contact our event specialists to plan an event for your team’s unique needs.  

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