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TeamBonding is getting quite the reputation in Tennessee. Haven’t  you heard? Smartphone scavenger hunts are all the rage! Our Smartphone Scaventure is no exception. It’s part scavenger hunt, part urban race, and all Team Building. Working as a team, our Event Managers and Facilitators recently coordinated the largest Smartphone Scaventure in TeamBonding history! Actually, this event may have been the largest single day scavenger hunt EVER. That’s how we roll. From the Guinness World Records:

“The largest scavenger hunt consisted of 924 participants and was organised by the University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt at the University of Chicago’s campus in Chicago, Illinois, USA, on 6 May 2011.”

With over 1,500 participants in our Smartphone Scaventure, individuals were grouped into over 120 teams to experience the power of play. They spent the afternoon collaborating, building deep bonds, and capturing over 7,000 photos throughout the Gaylord Opryland. That’s a lot of team work memories! The Gaylord Opryland is Largest non-casino hotel in continental U.S. In fact, the whole Smartphone Scaventure took place inside and around the outside of the resort.

The Largest Scavenger Hunt + The Largest Hotel in the Continental U.S. = EPIC.


Here’s what the participants had to say:

“All smiles…thank you and I look forward to next time. Be in touch soon.”

“Deric and team were great. All worked well, was right on schedule. Everyone had fun, the pictures they came back with we’re great. Thank you!!”

That’s right! Over 1,500 participants and everything was right on schedule. That’s what we like to hear. Booyah!

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