Number 1 on TeamBonding’s list of “TOP 10” reasons why we make a great partner in helping companies build strong teams is: We Make You Look Good.

As the Director of Corporate Events with TeamBonding, it seemed appropriate that this list was a great starting point to explain a little about our work, who we are, and what we do.

When you hire TeamBonding, you’re getting a seasoned company with a 20 year history of producing professionally designed, developed and executed programs that can support any company’s team building goals. Off-site outings, annual meetings, departmental training, we do it all and can work with you and everyone on your staff to meet your goals.

And best of all, we manage all the details of your program so you don’t have to!

Every event hosted by TeamBonding has an Event Manager (EM) who is personally responsible for its success, and we hire only the best. An outstanding EM works hard to understand a client’s needs and knows how to deliver results. They work all day, every day, producing events for clients from Fortune 500 companies to mom and pop start-ups and their sole responsibility is to bring a program to life!

No day is ever the same for an EM. With over different 75 programs, each day offers different and interesting challenges. From working with a choreographer on a Flash Mob in Atlanta, to connecting beneficiaries for a Charity Bike Build in Washington, DC, to working with a client in Orlando on a game show, we expertly juggle client communication, venues details, logistics, staffing schedules, vendor preparations, philanthropic contacts and everything and anything else required.

On any given day we could produce anywhere from one event to 15 completely different events, and in a given year we’ll produce roughly 500 events around the country for groups from 5 people to 1,250.

We set clear expectations with clients so that they know exactly where their event is through every step of the planning process, whether they like a lot of information or prefer not to be a part of the planning process at all. We take direction and work accordingly.

With backgrounds as varied as the programs we offer, our EMs bring a pool of talent and a range of skills to our clients that offers them unparalleled creativity and the ability to organize and implement great programs at any budget.

I’m going to leave you with one thought. We know handing off your team building event can be daunting. But whether you’re thinking about hosting a team building event with TeamBonding for the first time or you’re a repeat client, you can feel confident that our EMs are as good at our job as you are at yours. That’s how we make you look good!

David Goldstein

Founder & COO


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