With a new year comes new goals and challenges. As a business owner or manager, some of those challenges include figuring out how to increase numbers and maximize efficiency. Most of your success, however, comes down to one thing – improving work performance.

Learning how to improve work performance for your employees can be much easier said than done. Everyone has to be on the same page and one weak link can drag everyone down. The key is investing the necessary time and energy into your employees, both as individuals and as a team.

Keep reading for our top suggestions on how to improve work performance and day to day operations in your place of work.

1. Communicate Clear Goals and Expectations

Above all else, as an employer or manager, solid communication is vital for running an efficient workplace. You need to set clear guidelines for behavior and be upfront about your expectations. This applies to individual employees, departments, and teams.

Hold weekly meetings to make sure everyone’s on the same page. You should give your employees performance goals to drive hard toward each week, month, and year. If your goal is to make over a million dollars in revenue this year, much of that comes down to the weekly goals and accomplishments of your sales team.

This also means having an open door policy. Be approachable to your employees. If they have questions, they need to feel comfortable coming to you for answers.

2. Focus on Employee Development

Employee development is an underrated concept for many business owners. If you’re looking to continually improve work performance and crank out better numbers, you have to invest in employee training. The initial training they received when they got hired got them started, but what are you going to do to keep them thriving?

Whether you host your own seminars or pay for other professional instructors or teaching aids, focusing on employee development is a fantastic way to grow your business and show your employees you’re invested in them.

3. Learn How to Guide Employees Toward Better Performance

There are conflicting opinions out there about using positive or negative reinforcement to improve work performance. The answer depends entirely on the person and the environment. While you can certainly go overboard in either direction, both can serve a purpose.

For example, you wouldn’t treat your employees the same way a drill instructor treats Army recruits to improve performance. However, some people may respond more effectively to being disciplined for poor performance than they would for being rewarded for a job well done.

The key is taking the time to understand your employees, both as a group and as individuals to learn how best to motivate them.

4. Incorporate Team Building Exercises

One way of improving employee morale and communication is by incorporating team-building exercises a few times a month. This helps strengthen the bond of your team as well as improve work performance.

These exercises can be simple, on-site activities. They can be work-related or completely off-subject.

Some off-subject ideas include:

  • Scavenger hunts
  • The “two truths and a lie” game
  • An improv workshop
  • Team-based games (trivia, charades, etc.)

Some work-related ideas include:

  • Breaking off into teams to create marketing campaigns or ads
  • Having sales employees work together to create a better sales process
  • Hosting think-tanks to come up with making a better work environment

The sky is the limit but your choices ultimately come down to what type of business you run and what your employees will best respond to.

5. Try Hosting a or Participating in Charity Events

Participating in a charity event is a great team-building activity that will serve to improve work performance and help the community. This could be anything from building bikes for kids or cooking for the homeless. Regardless, this will give your employees a chance to break away from the workplace and work together to accomplish something for people less fortunate.

If you’re looking to create your own event, you could team up with other businesses and host an event for a local charity. You could run a 5k race, an art gala, silent auction, etc.

6. Make an Effort to Keep Employees Happy

Employers should consider putting an emphasis on employee morale to improve work performance. Happy employees are shown to be 12 percent more productive. While that may not seem like a whole lot, a 12 percent increase in efficiency over the span of a dozen employees makes a huge difference.

Moreover, according to the same source, unhappy employees prove to be 10 percent less productive. That means the difference between a happy employee and an unhappy employee is roughly 22 percent efficiency.

To keep your employees happy, make sure they’re being heard. If they have complaints or concerns, see to them personally. Additionally, an “atta boy/girl,” pat on the back, and bonuses go a long way toward making employees feel appreciated.

7. Invest in Team Building Events

Team building exercises don’t have to be done in the office, nor do they have to be charity-oriented. In fact, taking your people out of the office to increase inner-office relationships and teamwork can also be incredibly effective to improve work performance.

For example, an off-site scavenger hunt is a great way to get fresh air, see some new scenery, and bond with your team in a new way. Escape rooms also provide a fun and creative way to get employees out of their shells to work together toward a common goal.

8. Lead by Example

Finally, as an employer or manager, it’s expected of you to lead by example. No authoritative figure should ask the people below them to do something they’re not willing to do themselves. For example, you can’t ask your employees to be more focused at work if you’re constantly playing games on your phone or checking Facebook.

Help employees improve work performance by showing them how it’s done. Work hard, be approachable, accept constructive criticism. As their leader, your employees will look to you for guidance and your behavior will reflect in their work.

Looking to Improve Work Performance for You and Your Employees?

If you want this year to be your most successful year yet, we can help. Break your employees out of their regular routine and get them working together in fun and exciting ways to help improve work performance. Contact us today to see the wide range of team-building activities and events we offer.

Amanda Deiratani

Team Contributor


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