Team Building Service Recovery

March 21, 2013

Scott Thurston

Team Contributor

We at TeamBonding, like you, strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Most times we hit it out of the park.

Every now and again something goes… astray.

Recently, that is what happened to us.

In one program we faltered on our delivery. Communication broke down. Details were hazy. Without going into specifics, let’s just say we didn’t nail it the way that we are committed to delivering a program.

Needless to day, we were thrilled when the client gave us an opportunity to provide them with a service recovery the following week. There’s no greater thrill than rising to the occasion.

Thanks to the courage and confidence in us from the client, we were able to deliver the goods and land a top notch production that left them speechless (in a good way!).

“Within crisis, are the seeds of opportunity.” – Marilyn Monroe

Now, the day before this event we had a bike build in Miami. A shipping issue arose. There was a chance that the bikes would not arrive in time for the 8AM event the next day.

Have no fear! Your Event Managers are here! Our production team worked out a stellar and swift solution. The necessary bike parts were shipped overnight to assure that this event would go off as planned.

Of course “Murphy” got involved and ALL of the bikes made it on time. But, that’s contingency planning at it’s finest and that’s how we roll.

What if they had not anticipated the potential problem and gone above and beyond to solve it? This event would not have happened, and we would have failed the client, the participants, and the kids. Unacceptable. We are committed to deliver.

As leaders and service providers we must anticipate potential problems and needs.

  • What actions will you take in order to be pro-active and not re-active?
  • Something is still going to go wrong. When that happens how will you provide for a service recovery?
  • How can you make a positive impression on your customer?
  • How can your team turn a negative experience into one that exceeds a customer’s expectations?

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