Put the Power of Play to Work For Your Team

December 6, 2019

Amanda Deiratani

Team Contributor

How the Power of Play Influences Success at Work

Many people are working longer and harder, thinking that this will solve the problem of an ever-increasing workload. The repercussion; they are still falling behind, becoming chronically overwhelmed, burning out, and becoming disengaged.
work overload employee disengaged

How do we fix this? Employee engagement. 
Companies that encourage employee engagement through team building activities are ultimately more successful. Success at work doesn’t depend on the amount of time you work, it depends on the quality of your work. And the quality of your work is highly dependent on your well-being.

Why team building? They are more productive and happy which in turn, creates a positive work culture. Since work is where we spend much of our time, it is especially important for us to play during work!

Facts. If our word, and proven track record isn’t enough, a study by the International Journal of Marketing and Human Resource Management (IJMHRM) confirms the effectiveness of team building exercises. You can read the study here.

Whether you’re a team leader or C-level executive, the success of your company depends on your team.

Without some recreation, our quality of work suffers.

We spend most of our time at work. Taking the time to replenish yourself through play is one of the best things you can do for your career. When the project you’re working on hits a serious glitch (as it often happens), heading out for a long lunch with your coworkers, playing some games in the office, or even shooting some hoops on a court nearby can help clear your mind of frustration. This means when you get back to fixing that “glitch”, you’ll approach it with a fresh, new positive attitude, actually minimizing mistakes.

Add some play to your workday!

A major benefit of team building is learning to tap into the brain’s right hemisphere, which is often underutilized in the workplace. Good thing you have us to guide you towards the right type of activities for your team.

right-brain thinking also plays a vital role in the business world

Curious if you’re a left or right brain thinker? Take the test!

Long thought to be useful only to artists, writers, and musicians, we now understand that right-brain thinking also plays a vital role in the business world. This cerebral real estate hosts imagination, creativity, and intuition! So take a shot, start adding some play to your workday. We’re here to answer all your questions you could have about fun team building events and activities.  We share all kinds of news, free e-books and downloads, guides and more to help you craft the perfect team.

Plays well with these activities...

Ice Sculpting

Group Size: 8 - 250+
Time: 2 hours

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Go Team – High Tech Scavenger Hunts

Group Size: 20 - 1,200
Time: 2+ hours

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The Chocolate Challenge

Group Size: 8 – 500
Time: 2 - 3 hours

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