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By: Samantha McDuffee|March 10, 2015| Save This Idea


Employee engagement is the emotional commitment an employee has to the organization and its goals. Engaged employees care about their work, they use discretionary effort to accomplish work as a team and their performance is of higher quality.

Why are engaged employees important?

Engaged Employees lead to higher quality service and productivity, which leads to higher customer satisfaction, which leads to increased sales (repeat business and referrals), which leads to higher levels of profit, especially since it’s usually easier and cheaper to sell to existing customers than to go out and find new ones. If your people love their work and the environment you have created, they will innovate and continuously improve your business.

What qualities define an engaged employee?

Happiness and satisfaction are not synonymous with engagement. People can be happy and satisfied for many reasons that are not related to emotional commitments at work. Engaged employees have meaningful relationships with their managers, communicate regularly, understand their roles and contributions to the organization and seek new opportunities within the company as part of a “yes, and…” approach to developing solutions.

How do you keep employees engaged?

We want to hear from you. There are many strategies and tools for boosting employee engagement, but every team and every organization is facing a unique set of challenges. Tell us what you think keeps employees engaged at work. You’ll instantly see poll results on what everyone else is saying and we’ll dive deeper into the most popular responses over the coming months.

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