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Team Breakfast

Program Overview

RFS_RGB_SM-01The Team Breakfast culinary class is a fun and effective way to bring your team together to bond. Throughout the team building cooking event, groups learn more about each other through food preparation, cooking and dining together.

The objective of this team building cooking event is to use food preparation and the gourmet meal that is produced, as an active and powerful metaphor. Groups will experience all the components of a functioning team, bond together and get to know each other in a unique environment outside of the work place.

A typical Team Breakfast culinary class experience begins with participants arriving and wondering what they will be doing for the next couple of hours. They are handed an apron and asked to wash their hands in preparation. Soon, a Team Breakfast trainer begins with a brief but important orientation of the program that includes safety lessons and basic knife skills. The group is quickly formed into teams either by our trainers or by your staff before the start of the event. Each team chooses a team leader or “chef de cuisine” and is presented with their team’s culinary challenge. Now the fun begins as the teams begin creating their culinary masterpieces.

The food preparation process lasts for approximately 1 hour and an additional 30 minutes for the group to eat the fruits of their labor. We can also add a short debrief which is designed to bring the team process back to the work place.



Group Size

20 - 250

Time Needed

1.5 hours

Space Requirement

Our approach allows us to come to your favorite hotel, conference center, winery or auditorium, allowing for easy planning.  This is an indoor program that requires a table for each team and banquet tables for our materials and meal presentation. We request a space consisting of a minimum of 30 square feet per participant, and both the food preparation and dining will take place within this space.

Ideal For
  • Awards
  • Annual meetings
  • Conferences

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