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Play To Win

Ignite Your Team Performance

Program Overview

Play To Win activities are carefully picked for your group’s goals and outcomes and may include activities such as; On Target, Picture This, Group Juggle, Deal Me In, Speed-Line and more. This is one powerful corporate team event!  It features a customized combination of energizing team building activities designed for the workplace customized to address your desired outcomes.  We select the most pertinent activities based on a needs assessment questionnaire reflecting your groups goals and desired outcomes. Whatever we come up with together, Play To Win will have everyone playing, together, to unlock your team’s potential and introduce innovative ways to reach a common goal.

All of the icebreakers, energizers and team challenges present mental challenges designed to help you achieve the desired outcomes, regardless of physical ability. Each person will always have choices about how they want to participate. A very successful grand finale to Play To Win is the popular Product Pipeline.

TeamBonding trainers and facilitators have more than a hundred icebreakers in their bag of tricks.  Our team building experts will find the right one for you or design one specifically to enhance your unique team collaboration.

Here are examples of a few that could be incorporated into your customized collaborative team building event:  

  • On Target – Our most popular collaborative team building activity
  • Picture This – You have some of the information but can you communicate what you know? Who will see the big picture?
  • Make the Connection – This puzzling challenge requires the entire group to collaborate and communicate – quickly.
  • Sharing Best Practices: The Big Info Swap – Each team’s success is directly connected to their abilities to share their best practices with the other team. 
  • Aces High – This giant card game has everyone on the move and communicating quickly.
  • Better Get Better – In this high-energy, collaborative team building exercise, teams are given a task with a tight deadline. 

Play to Win is a perfect choice for creating team spirit and excitement while helping participants get to know each other better. A debrief, led by our trained facilitator, uncovers group dynamics, team strengths, and communication issues. The group then brainstorms ways to formalize and maximize your communication and total team potential.  A proven winner!



Group Size

20 – 200

Time Needed

Approximately 2 - 3 hours

Space Requirement

Large conference space.  We typically suggest 20 sq. ft. per person.

Ideal For
  • Team restructuring
  • Company picnics/outings
  • Retreats/conferences

Every program we offer can be tailored – in fact, we like it that way. Tailoring is one of the big reasons for our ongoing success.

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