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Join host Rich Rininsland as he chats with business and HR thought leaders to uncover the secrets of teamwork and company success! This podcast offers leadership advice from around the world as well as practical tips and playful insights on building a team that's not only productive but also downright fun. Tune in for laughter, inspiration, and a dash of mischief as we discover expert advice on team building from the coolest minds in the industry. 

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Season 4 | Episode 16
Breaking Free From Boring Corporate Training

Regular corporate training can be blah. In this episode, we explore innovative corporate training approaches that go beyond traditional methods with Jayne Hannah and Amy Angelili. They discuss transformative programs like Laughter Yoga and how they can aid in motivating your team, reshape work culture, enhance teamwork, and inspire personal growth. Join us as we champion a new era of engaging corporate training that sparks lasting change.

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Season 4 | Episode 15
Optimizing Engagement Through Employee Listening

An employee listening strategy is more than just a survey. It’s a process—asking employees for feedback, understanding and analyzing their perspectives, and taking meaningful action to improve employee experience and engagement. A survey alone does not improve engagement. Listen as Shane McFeely, Ph.D. speaks with Rich about what research shows employees want from their organizations when it comes to employee surveys and what organizations can do to create and improve upon their employee listening strategy. Don’t miss this episode packed with practical tips for crafting a more engaged and empowered workforce.

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Season 4 | Episode 14
How Storytelling Can Turn Tales into Potential

In this episode of Team Building Saves the World, we explored how storytelling can be a way to engage, motivate, and inspire productivity in employees, leaders, and companies with expert Karen Eber. Rich and Karen discuss the importance of storytelling in building a sense of purpose and psychological safety, fostering communication, reinforcing company values, and helping to create a positive workplace culture.

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Season 4 | Episode 13
Cracking the Corporate Communication Code

Don’t get lost in translation!

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Season 4 | Episode 12
Jumpstarting Performance at Work

In this episode, Anais delves into the strategies they’ve implemented at THE 3RD EYE to enhance employee satisfaction and create a positive work-life balance. Listeners will discover how to jumpstart performance at work and how it can directly impact productivity, creativity, and overall job satisfaction. Anais also offers valuable advice for leaders and HR professionals on how to identify and address potential obstacles to employee performance.

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Season 4 | Episode 11
Top Soft Skills for Leaders to Be Successful

Get ready for an enlightening episode as we welcome Scott Asai, a distinguished authority in the realm of transforming managers into leaders through the power of soft skills. Join us as we explore the vital significance of soft skills for leadership and their crucial role in preserving them from the threat of extinction. Throughout the episode, Scott will share invaluable insights into measuring the impact of soft skills for leaders, overcoming development challenges, and seamlessly integrating them into leadership practices. Additionally, we’ll delve into actionable advice that will benefit not only managers and leaders but also regular employees who aspire to enhance their leadership and soft skills in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the secrets of human skills and unlock your true leadership potential.

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Season 4 | Episode 10
Peer to Peer Recognition: Recipes for Success

Join us on this episode of Team Building Saves the World as we dive into the world of peer to peer recognition with special guest Christie Hoffman. Discover the secret recipes of success when it comes to acknowledging and celebrating your colleagues’ wins. From stories of triumph to exploring strategies to fuel engagement, listen as Rich and Christie uncover how peer to peer recognition creates a positive work environment.

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Season 4 | Episode 9
Reconnecting Disconnected Employees and Teams

In this episode of Team Building Saves the World, we were joined by Dr. Jody Carrington, a renowned psychologist sought after for her expertise, energy, and approach to helping people solve their most complex human-centered challenges. She focuses much of her work around reconnection – the key to healthy relationships and productive teams.

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Season 4 | Episode 8
Corporate Culture Killers

On this episode of Team Building Saves the World, Rich speaks with Kim Crowder and discusses the destructive elements that can hinder a healthy corporate culture. She highlights toxic leadership and its negative impact on employee engagement and retention. Listen as Kim shares practical strategies to combat these culture killers and emphasizes the importance of fostering a positive and inclusive work environment for overall business success.

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Season 4 | Episode 7
Level Up Your Team: Team Building Tips From The Pros

Join Rich and the TeamBonding Dream Team on an inspiring episode of Team Building Saves the World. Gain valuable insights and tips on maximizing your team building event, from planning to post-event engagement. Discover how team building can truly transform your team and its dynamics. Don’t miss out on this insightful episode packed with tips for team building.

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Season 4 | Episode 6
Creating a Culture of Growth: Maximizing Employee Potential

In this episode, listen as Rich speaks with the Founder of Bellwether, Jim Frawley. Jim shares valuable insights on how to invest in employee potential to create a culture of growth in organizations. The discussion delves into various strategies such as identifying hidden potential in employees, how to measure success, adapting to new technical advancements, and promoting continuous learning and development.

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Season 4 | Episode 5
Advocating for Yourself & Your Team

On this episode of Team Building Saves the World, Rich speaks with international leadership trainer and consultant Tania Desa about the importance of advocating for yourself and your team in and out of the workplace. They explore the challenges individuals may face when showcasing their authentic selves and strategies for building a strong personal brand. In addition, Tania provides practical tips for building a positive team culture, which includes fostering open communication, trust, and a sense of belonging. She emphasizes the significance of creating a safe space where team members can express their ideas and opinions without fear of judgement or rejection. 

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Meet Your Host: Rich Rininsland

Rich Rininsland, host of the Team Building Saves the World podcast, is an experienced event facilitator with a history in the professional training and coaching industry. He has a strong human resources background and enjoys chatting with HR thought leaders to solve today’s leadership and teamwork challenges. Join Rich in this team building podcast and get ready to explore strategies and tools to spice up your team dynamics and boost morale like never before!

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