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April 6, 2021

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Join Rich Rininsland, host of Team Building Around the World, for Season 2 Team Building SAVES the world! Taking you on an in-depth journey behind the scenes of the increasingly important, team building industry sharing ideas, inspiration, and best practices from the leaders of the industry as well as discussing changes brought on by world events. By interpreting the correlation of work and play, Season 2 will look into how and why the concepts of team building are essential in today’s world.

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Join Host Richard Rininsland and his guests: Deborah Brunet, Kevin Pertusiello, Samantha Goldstein, and Paul Giroux as they discuss all aspects of team building events from creation to sales, production to performance. This energetic and entertaining roundtable also shares personal experiences about the switch over to virtual facilitating of events and the future of hybrid models versus live events as states begin lifting restrictions. Rich Rininsland takes you behind-the-scenes to discuss the road to live events, company culture, and insights from program developers, leaders, and professionals in the team building industry. All of that plus an energetic speed round on this exciting first episode of Team Building Saves the World!

Paul Giroux: With over 15 years of experience facilitating hundreds of programs per year, Paul has become one of our most sought-after Facilitators and we have the references to prove it. Having worked repeatedly for such diverse clients as Deloitte, Verizon, Glaxo Smith Kline, PWC, ESPN, Direct TV, Game Show Network, and more. Paul will provide the right mix of Energy, Fun, Organization, Comedy, and did we say ENERGY no matter what style your program needs. Taking your program beyond your expectations is Paul’s full-time passion, and he possesses an uncanny knack for versatility and an ability to adapt to any crowd or situation.

On Moving Forward: So we’re going to have to find a way to, to be inclusive of them as part of the event. So. Whether that’s still using some type of video with a feed to what’s going on, live in the room, or somehow connecting them to a Team where they can help him, any of the pieces, you know, even if it’s a live bike build, just because you can’t put your hand on your bike for the team, because you’re not in the room, doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of the marketing or a part of a trivia or, you know, some piece of the team. – Paul Giroux


Sam Goldstein: leads the sales team at TeamBonding and loves partnering with clients around the world to create and produce high-energy, engaging, unique, fun, and goal-oriented events. She thrives on customized, out-of-the-box requests.  Sam loves Escape Rooms and is working towards her goal to do one in every state! You can find her around town trying new restaurants, testing out new low-carb baking recipes, and hanging out with her three-year-old French Bulldog, Tilly.

On Development: So, I think a lot of, a lot of our program development comes from the specific requests, you know, client that says we have a global team and we really want to do something like an amazing race. What can we do? And we have a custom wine coming up tomorrow. Um, that Kevin’s leading that, uh, they’re doing different rounds of trivia that are based in different parts of the world as they travel through different legs. And they’re going to come back for pit stops and there’s your turns and roadblocks and everything under the sun. So, a lot of it comes from that. – Samantha Goldstein

Debbie Brunet: Debbie is a Lead Facilitator for TeamBonding. She leads anything from TeamPainting to Scavenger Hunts and loves working with live and virtual groups. Since summer 2020 she has pitched in and helped with adapting programs from in-person to virtual and finding engaging ways to lead programs. She has been in the industry for 17 years, and with TeamBonding for 2.5 years!

Company Engagement: And that was a connection point for them. It’s one more thing to create connection around. And again, it’s just helps set the tone of the room, just like you wouldn’t when you walk into a party, can you imagine walking to a party with no music and you’re drinking your drink and it’s just silent. Like that’s what they experience when they come in. –Debbie Brunet

Kevin Pertusiello: Kevin is a 17-year veteran of TeamBonding and corporate event hosting. He uses his infectious attitude and dry wit to ‘bond by accident’ and create an exciting, engaging, and memorable environment. Across the country, Kevin has enlightened and invigorated employees ranging from senior management to new recruits. He has worked with industry giants in such fields as technology, credit cards, pharmaceuticals, TV networks, professional services firms, world banks, and international retailers. As events pivoted to online platforms, Kevin has hosted over 400 virtual experiences for participants and audiences all over the world.

On Facilitation: So, we get to have a lot of fun directly and. Every time that there’s say a repeat, repeat client and especially repeat attendees. I almost immediately recognize their face. I’m like, Oh, like it’s been, it’s been three months. It’s so awesome to see you again. And we start to develop that deeper connection, not just within their own team, but with us in them. – Kevin Pertusiello

In future episodes, Rich will cover the behind-the-scenes of TeamBonding’s most popular programs, how their ideas come to life, as well as discussing changes brought on by world events.  Listeners will get the inside scoop on how TeamBonding matches activities to groups, how to prepare for upcoming live events, and panel discussions with thought leaders of the team building industry. Season 2 will also look into how and why the concepts of team building are essential in today’s world, and check up on some of our most popular guests from last season.


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