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Transcript - Rich Rininsland Season 3 Trailer

Rich: Hello, team! It’s me, your old friend; Rich Rininsland, host of Team Building Saves the World, inviting you to join me for our third season of the podcast where we are going to uncover all the valuable tips, tricks and ideas from thought leaders across the globe. This season, Team Building Saves the World delves deeper into a major challenge; Workplace Transformation. We’re going to dig into all the strategies and tools you need to adapt, manage and improve company culture more effectively than ever.

Across the season, we’ll be diving into Effective Strategies for Workplace Transformation, including Adapting company culture to the current workplace environment, future-proofing your workforce, and exploring the modern workplace as well as the digital workspace. We’re going to sit down with leading experts to balance the challenges of Hybrid communications in both modern tech and teamwork practices, Employee onboarding, workplace needs vs. employee flexibility as well as bonding the five generations that make up the modern workplace.

We’re also looking to raise awareness of such important matters as an inclusive workplace and accessibility for differently-abled employees. We’ll get a closer look at the problems in company culture relating to accessibility, accommodations vs. fairness, and see if there is such a thing blanket solutions for all individuals.

There will be episodes addressing trends and future topics and, of course, we’ll be looking at the Evolution of Team Building. Whether we’re talking about team development, employer retention, employee engagement or the future of networking, we’re looking forward to sharing all there is to know with all of you.

So join me on March the 1st as we launch the 3rd season of your favorite podcast and mine; Team Building Saves the World. I’ll see you soon, team.

If you enjoyed last year’s insider’s look at the team building industry, you’ll love what we have in store for Season 3.

Launching March 1st,2022, Season 3 will include speaking to thought leaders from around the globe who solve company challenges and demonstrate effective strategies that balance how teams work. Listen to hear valuable tips, tricks, and ideas from company culture experts. Our podcast takes on a major challenge in this new season: workplace transformation. Get the strategies and tools you need to adapt, manage and improve company culture more effectively than ever.

Join Rich Rininsland on March 1st for the launch of the 3rd season of your favorite podcast Team Building Saves the World!

" We’ll be looking at the evolution of Team Building. Whether we’re talking about team development, employer retention, employee engagement, or the future of networking, we’re looking forward to sharing all there is to know with all of you."
- Rich Rininsland
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Past Seasons

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Regular corporate training can be blah. In this episode, we explore innovative corporate training approaches that go beyond traditional methods with Jayne Hannah and Amy Angelili. They discuss transformative programs like Laughter Yoga and how they can aid in motivating your team, reshape work culture, enhance teamwork, and inspire personal growth. Join us as we champion a new era of engaging corporate training that sparks lasting change.

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Optimizing Engagement Through Employee Listening

An employee listening strategy is more than just a survey. It’s a process—asking employees for feedback, understanding and analyzing their perspectives, and taking meaningful action to improve employee experience and engagement. A survey alone does not improve engagement. Listen as Shane McFeely, Ph.D. speaks with Rich about what research shows employees want from their organizations when it comes to employee surveys and what organizations can do to create and improve upon their employee listening strategy. Don’t miss this episode packed with practical tips for crafting a more engaged and empowered workforce.

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How Storytelling Can Turn Tales into Potential

In this episode of Team Building Saves the World, we explored how storytelling can be a way to engage, motivate, and inspire productivity in employees, leaders, and companies with expert Karen Eber. Rich and Karen discuss the importance of storytelling in building a sense of purpose and psychological safety, fostering communication, reinforcing company values, and helping to create a positive workplace culture.

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In this episode, Anais delves into the strategies they’ve implemented at THE 3RD EYE to enhance employee satisfaction and create a positive work-life balance. Listeners will discover how to jumpstart performance at work and how it can directly impact productivity, creativity, and overall job satisfaction. Anais also offers valuable advice for leaders and HR professionals on how to identify and address potential obstacles to employee performance.

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Do Soft Skills Shape a Leader’s Path to Success?

Get ready for an enlightening episode as we welcome Scott Asai, a distinguished authority in the realm of transforming managers into leaders through the power of soft skills. Join us as we explore the vital significance of soft skills for leaders and their crucial role in preserving them from the threat of extinction. Throughout the episode, Scott will share invaluable insights into measuring the impact of soft skills, overcoming development challenges, and seamlessly integrating them into leadership practices. Additionally, we’ll delve into actionable advice that will benefit not only managers and leaders but also regular employees who aspire to enhance their soft skills in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the secrets of soft skills and unlock your true leadership potential.

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Peer to Peer Recognition: Recipes for Success

Join us on this episode of Team Building Saves the World as we dive into the world of peer to peer recognition with special guest Christie Hoffman. Discover the secret recipes of success when it comes to acknowledging and celebrating your colleagues’ wins. From stories of triumph to exploring strategies to fuel engagement, listen as Rich and Christie uncover how peer to peer recognition creates a positive work environment.

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Reconnecting Disconnected Employees and Teams

In this episode of Team Building Saves the World, we were joined by Dr. Jody Carrington, a renowned psychologist sought after for her expertise, energy, and approach to helping people solve their most complex human-centered challenges. She focuses much of her work around reconnection – the key to healthy relationships and productive teams.

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