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Transcript - Rich Rininsland Season 3 Trailer

Rich: Hello, team! It’s me, your old friend; Rich Rininsland, host of Team Building Saves the World, inviting you to join me for our third season of the podcast where we are going to uncover all the valuable tips, tricks and ideas from thought leaders across the globe. This season, Team Building Saves the World delves deeper into a major challenge; Workplace Transformation. We’re going to dig into all the strategies and tools you need to adapt, manage and improve company culture more effectively than ever.

Across the season, we’ll be diving into Effective Strategies for Workplace Transformation, including Adapting company culture to the current workplace environment, future-proofing your workforce, and exploring the modern workplace as well as the digital workspace. We’re going to sit down with leading experts to balance the challenges of Hybrid communications in both modern tech and teamwork practices, Employee onboarding, workplace needs vs. employee flexibility as well as bonding the five generations that make up the modern workplace.

We’re also looking to raise awareness of such important matters as an inclusive workplace and accessibility for differently-abled employees. We’ll get a closer look at the problems in company culture relating to accessibility, accommodations vs. fairness, and see if there is such a thing blanket solutions for all individuals.

There will be episodes addressing trends and future topics and, of course, we’ll be looking at the Evolution of Team Building. Whether we’re talking about team development, employer retention, employee engagement or the future of networking, we’re looking forward to sharing all there is to know with all of you.

So join me on March the 1st as we launch the 3rd season of your favorite podcast and mine; Team Building Saves the World. I’ll see you soon, team.

If you enjoyed last year’s insider’s look at the team building industry, you’ll love what we have in store for Season 3.

Launching March 1st,2022, Season 3 will include speaking to thought leaders from around the globe who solve company challenges and demonstrate effective strategies that balance how teams work. Listen to hear valuable tips, tricks, and ideas from company culture experts. Our podcast takes on a major challenge in this new season: workplace transformation. Get the strategies and tools you need to adapt, manage and improve company culture more effectively than ever.

Join Rich Rininsland on March 1st for the launch of the 3rd season of your favorite podcast Team Building Saves the World!

" We’ll be looking at the evolution of Team Building. Whether we’re talking about team development, employer retention, employee engagement, or the future of networking, we’re looking forward to sharing all there is to know with all of you."
- Rich Rininsland

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Season 5 | Episode 5
The Inside Scoop on Team Building Events for Employees

Join host Rich as he chats with our lead event facilitator Kevin Pertusiello about the ins and outs of running group events for adults. In this episode, Kevin explains the hesitation many employers feel before hosting team building events for employees, and the positive results they see after a couple of hours of team bonding activities. He also discusses the variety of corporate cultures that head into these events, from disjointed and antisocial to tight-knit and cheery. The discussion answers the question, “Does team building really work?” with first-person insight into group events. Tune in to get the inside scoop on team building events for employees and discover fan-favorite experiences shared by Kevin and Rich.

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Season 5 | Episode 4
Public Speaking Anxiety is Killing My Career

Join Rich Rininsland and Kit Pang on “Team Building Saves the World” as they discuss public speaking anxiety. Explore radical mindset shifts and belief transformations for overcoming public speaking anxiety.

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Season 5 | Episode 3
The Right Seat on the Bus

Join host Rich as he engages in a dynamic conversation with Wendy Hanson from New Level Work on the essence of people-oriented leadership. In this insightful episode, Wendy delves into the core principles of effective leadership, emphasizing the significance of understanding and supporting team members to foster growth and productivity. From recognizing individual strengths to providing constructive feedback, Wendy shares valuable insights into creating a nurturing work environment where everyone can thrive. The discussion explores challenges faced by managers, including dealing with negative employees and maintaining a positive company culture. With practical advice and real-world examples, this podcast offers a compelling narrative on the importance of continuous learning, collaboration, and support in leadership roles. Tune in to discover actionable strategies for empowering leadership and building stronger, more resilient teams.

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Season 5 | Episode 2
Uniting Teams for Global Good

In this episode of “Team Building Saves the World,” Michael, the founder of FNE International, shares his inspiring journey of dedicated service and community empowerment. From his early involvement in social justice initiatives to founding the H.O.P.E. Program and organizing impactful trips to Nicaragua, Michael’s passion for service has driven him to create sustainable change. Through initiatives like Soles for Souls, FNE International distributes essential items like shoes to underprivileged communities, fostering connections between participants and those they help. Michael highlights the profound impact of these initiatives, emphasizing the reciprocal nature of CSR service where donations directly translate into tangible support for those in need.

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Season 5 | Episode 1
Finding the Bottom Line of CSR: Cultural Empathy

In this episode of the Team Building Saves the World podcast, we speak with guest, Doug Manuel as he shares his insights on finding the bottom line of corporate social responsibility (CSR) through cultural empathy. Drawing from his extensive experience and thought-provoking keynotes, Doug shares his stories about the intricate nuances of shaping company culture and fostering effective teamwork. Through compelling anecdotes and practical strategies, listeners will uncover the secrets to aligning organizational values with individual passions, and fostering collaboration and cultural empathy. Doug’s expertise illuminates the path toward a thriving workplace culture, from the power of storytelling to the importance of empathy and continuous learning. Join us as we uncover the keys to success in tomorrow’s companies, and learn how to actively shape and redefine your workplace culture using cultural empathy, corporate giving, and community empowerment for lasting impact. 

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Season 5 | Episode Trailer
Team Building Saves the World Podcast – Season 5 Trailer

Consider this season your exclusive insider’s guide to unlocking the door to organizational success. Tune in as we embark on an exciting journey exploring the vast world of business, skillfully decoding the very DNA of tomorrow’s company culture.

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Season 4 | Episode 20
Putting It Into Practice

Lisa Nordquist’s Proven Strategies To Transform Your Organization. On this episode of Team Building Saves the World we wrap up Season 4 with leadership expert Lisa Nordquist. Join us as we explore practical insights, success stories, and actionable strategies for effective leadership, employee engagement, and organizational change. Listen as we uncover the keys to putting theories into practice, as Lisa shares her invaluable experiences and innovative approaches, guiding listeners towards a transformative journey in pursuit of organizational excellence. You don’t want to miss this one.

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Season 4 | Episode 19
CSR Meets Holiday Team Building

On this episode of Team Building Saves the World we dove into the distinction between corporate social responsibility and regular charitable team building events with our CSR Creative Director Baylee Goldstein. The holiday season is a perfect time to bring your team closer together. Join us as we explore creative holiday giving ideas that not only foster camaraderie but also benefit those in need. We’ll provide ways your team can give back year-round and how to make a lasting impact this holiday season while improving employee engagement & company culture.

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