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Join host Rich Rininsland as he chats with business and HR thought leaders to uncover the secrets of teamwork and company success! This podcast offers leadership advice from around the world as well as practical tips and playful insights on building a team that's not only productive but also downright fun. Tune in for laughter, inspiration, and a dash of mischief as we discover expert advice on team building from the coolest minds in the industry. 

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Season 4 | Episode 6
Creating a Culture of Growth: Maximizing Employee Potential

In this episode, listen as Rich speaks with the Founder of Bellwether, Jim Frawley. Jim shares valuable insights on how to invest in employee potential to create a culture of growth in organizations. The discussion delves into various strategies such as identifying hidden potential in employees, how to measure success, adapting to new technical advancements, and promoting continuous learning and development.

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Season 4 | Episode 5
Advocating for Yourself & Your Team

On this episode of Team Building Saves the World, Rich speaks with international leadership trainer and consultant Tania Desa about the importance of advocating for yourself and your team in and out of the workplace. They explore the challenges individuals may face when showcasing their authentic selves and strategies for building a strong personal brand. In addition, Tania provides practical tips for building a positive team culture, which includes fostering open communication, trust, and a sense of belonging. She emphasizes the significance of creating a safe space where team members can express their ideas and opinions without fear of judgement or rejection. 

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Season 4 | Episode 4
Leading with Heart: How Courageous Leadership Drives Success

On this episode of Team Building Saves the World, Rich speaks with Constance Dierickx, better known as the Decision Doctor, about courageous leadership and its impact on creating a growth-focused work environment. The episode unpacks the attributes of a courageous leader and their ability to motivate and empower their team members to achieve their full potential. The impact of courageous leadership on employee engagement and productivity will be explored, along with its role in fostering a safe work environment where all individuals feel empowered to take risks, innovate, and contribute to the growth of the organization. The episode features real-life examples and practical advice for creating a growth-oriented environment, which is important to anyone interested in developing their leadership skills, whether or not they hold a managerial position.

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Season 4 | Episode 3
From Good to Great: How to Build a High Performing Team

On this episode of Team Building Saves the World, Rich speaks with bestselling author, host of Managing Made Simple, and organizational effectiveness consultant Lia Garvin about how to build a high performing team and separate good teams from great ones. 

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Season 4 | Episode 2
Escape the Office: The Power of Corporate Offsites

Listen for an insightful conversation with our renowned host, Rich Rininsland and the CEO of Offsite, Jared Kleinert, to learn how to plan the ultimate corporate offsite to revitalize and unite your team.

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Season 4 | Episode 1
Taboo Topics: Navigating Difficult Conversations At Work

Join us for the Season 4 launch of our podcast!

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Season 4
Team Building Saves the World Podcast – Season 4 Trailer

Introducing Season 4 of the Team Building Saves the World podcast! In this season of Team Building Saves the World, join our host Rich Rininsland as we explore the significance of building a positive company culture and how effective communication plays a crucial role in achieving it.

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Season 3 | Episode 19
Looking Forward

In this episode of Team Building Saves the World Producer, Anna Webber, helps Rich look back on this past season and talk about what is in store for Season 4.

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Season 3 | Episode 18
Creating an Accessible Workplace

In this episode of Team Building Saves the World, Rich speaks with Naomi Panarella about workplace accessibility. As a member of the blind community, Naomi tells us about her experiences navigating the workplace and what companies can do to create a more inclusive and accessible environment for all.

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Season 3 | Episode 17
Building Confidence at Work

Self-confidence can help you become a more influential leader, a more motivated individual, and an overall stronger version of yourself. Once you learn to build your confidence it will be seen across every area of your life. Building confidence at work has a profound impact on communication skills, leadership, productivity, and dealing with conflict.

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Season 3 | Episode 16
Community Impacts of Corporate Giving

Many discussions and team events revolve around the benefits of corporate giving, but not all get to see the true impact of their efforts.

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Season 3 | Episode 15
Holiday Party Planning 101

‘Tis the season to start planning the holidays for your team! Thinking of planning a company holiday party but unsure where to start? In this episode Rich chats with the TeamBonding Dream Team Jayne. Kevin, CJ, and Stephanie on the dos and don’ts of holiday events and planning, funny memories, and how to plan holiday events for the upcoming season.

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Meet Your Host: Rich Rininsland

Rich Rininsland, host of the Team Building Saves the World podcast, is an experienced event facilitator with a history in the professional training and coaching industry. He has a strong human resources background and enjoys chatting with HR thought leaders to solve today’s leadership and teamwork challenges. Join Rich in this team building podcast and get ready to explore strategies and tools to spice up your team dynamics and boost morale like never before!

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