Featured Friday | A Delicious Addition to Team Building

Did you know that TeamBonding offers three different team building programs that all include one decadent, mouth-watering, heavenly, succulent, divine, rich, scrumptious, delectable, tantalizing… Whoops, sorry! I seem to have gotten carried away. But if you can’t already tell what I’m talking about, allow me to spell it out for you:


team chocolatier 2
That’s right.. TeamBonding has developed three entirely distinctive team building programs that are all focused on chocolate. YUM.

These three programs allow team members to indulge in chocolate for the entire duration of the team building program, which in turn probably increases the average 10 pounds of chocolate Americans eat in one year (Answer to our Wordless Wednesday!). What better way to participate in a team building event than adding chocolate into the mix?!

Here is a breakdown of our three delicious chocolate team building programs.

1. Team Chocolatier – Chocolate Truffle Making
During this Chocolate Team Building event, teams will have their culinary skills put to the test as they are taught and then challenged to make show-stopping chocolate truffles. With the guidance of the Master Chocolatier, teams will learn to make truffles filled with anything from champagne cream to chocolate peanut butter. Is your mouth watering yet?

2. GoTek Chocolate – Smartphone Scaventurechocolate team building
The Smartphone Scaventures are one of our most popular team building events. However, it’s popularity doubled with the introduction of a scaventure program based solely off chocolate. The missions on this scaventure  are comprised of a carefully selected challenge list tailored to satisfy your chocolate cravings, with tasks ranging from fun and creative to downright outrageous.

3. Chocolate Company Challenge
The Chocolate Company Challenge consists of a series of chocolaty challenges. From building a bridge over chocolate waters, to a chocolate taste testing investigation, these series of challenges are sure to fill your sweet-tooth craving while simultaneously bonding you with your fellow teammates.

Although these three programs may result in a chocolate-induced coma, they are a surefire way to spend a few hours enjoying a delicious team building program with co-workers.

Do any or all of these programs catch your eye? Are looking for more information? Check out our new webpage that features all three programs.

Plays well with these activities...

Team Chocolatier

Group Size: 12 - 100
Time: 2.5 hours

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The Chocolate Challenge

Group Size: 8 – 500
Time: 2 - 3 hours

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