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Wondering who that old lady was on Wordless Wednesday?

43% of you thought it was Flash Mob Fran. But, only 14% got the right answer. She is our fearless flash mob leader. Perhaps her name IS Fran….

Although many (29% of you!) wish it were true, she is not David – our TeamBonding CEO.

Your team has a few shining stars, right? Well, so do our Flash Teams! This is the best team building program¬†you’ll ever witness, full of surprise, engagement, cohesion, risk taking and energy. To make that work, each event has two flash mob leaders.

This will be the best dancer in the group, the person who ignites the spark in your team with spirited energy and provides a following point for the remaining dancers.

best team building program

Flash mob leaders may start the routine with a solo dance move or at key focal points to kick off a group dance. The trick to a good flash mob is to gradually get all of the dancers involved in the routine.


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