Strong Connections Build Even Stronger Bridges

March 28, 2014

Lauren Adams

Team Contributor

What’s the most important part of a bridge? The connection created between the beginning and the end.

building bridges and other outdoor team building activities

This bridge (called “Pont de Singe”, or in English, “Monkey Bridge”) is an art installation by French artist Olivier Grossetete, which was on display in 2012 at Tatton Park’s third biennial of contemporary art in the UK. The theme for the art installations that season was “Flights of Fancy” and explored the human urge to reach for the impossible. The artist designed the featherweight bridge for contemplation rather than function, though it does have the strength to support one person. The work recalls the power of daydreams and their ability to transform reality.

Outdoor Team Building Activities That Rock

Building connections at work is a bit different. Though the Pont de Singe is beautiful and whimsical, we want our bridges (both physically and metaphorically) to be strong. With the TeamBonding Building Bridges program, you and your team will need to start with some creative innovation and rely on collaboration, communication, and using your resources wisely. By the end of the event, your bridge will be able to hold the weight of a golf cart!

outdoor team building activities, building bridges

Now that we’re all finally starting to see warmer weather, it’s time to plan fun outdoor team building activities like Building Bridges. With everyone in your group working together and striving towards a common goal, you’ll realize that you don’t have to wait to “cross that bridge when you come to it” – instead, you can make things happen on your own terms as a team!

There are lots of bridge metaphors out there – what’s the best one?

Plays well with these activities...

Bridging the Divide

Group Size: 40 – 500
Time: 2.5 – 4

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The Chocolate Challenge

Group Size: 8 – 500
Time: 2 - 3 hours

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