Customization is Our Middle Name

Number 2 on TeamBonding’s list of “TOP 10” reasons why we make a great partner in helping companies build strong teams is: Customization is our Middle Name.

As Client Solutions Manager, I am the first point of contact for clients, so it falls on me to provide a valuable experience from start to finish. Try custom team building to find your perfect program. 

Companies come to us for many reasons. They want to foster team dynamics, reinforce sales training, or just get people out of the office for a little fun. Some want to give employees an opportunity to give back to the community. We help do all of that.

Custom Team Building

TeamBonding currently offers 75 different team building programs, and none of them are “out of the box.” We have run our programs so often, that we know what works and what doesn’t, and we use the knowledge learned to help clients run events that meet their specific needs, location, venue, type of group, and size of the group.

In fact, tailoring programs is one of the biggest and most rewarding parts of my job and it allows us to match the right program with the right company.

For example, a senior manager with an engineering firm called wanting to run a program that would take his team outside its comfort zone. This meant putting them in a highly competitive situation that was very different from the environment in which they worked day-to-day. The group ran with an event called “In It to Win It.” Feedback from the client indicated that it was just what they wanted and needed.

With tried and true programs that are proven to meet client goals, companies hire us because we are experts in our field. We can take any of our programs and narrow down a client’s choices so that their event looks totally original and customized to them.

The result is always an event that allows us to deliver on our promise. Partnering with companies is how we succeed, and that has a lot to do with having facilitators around the country working with in-house event managers to produce our programs. This gives us feet on the street so every event comes out just right.

David Goldstein

Founder & COO


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