Benefits of Remote and Virtual Team Building

So, you suddenly found yourself managing a remote team? Here you will understand the benefits of virtual team building as we share activity ideas you can implement. Remote work has been on the rise for years, and as COVID-19 is moving more teams online, remote team building is becoming a necessary step for business operations and human resources. It’s also an opportunity to get creative about how your team bonds and has fun in this new space, especially during stressful times.

Ways to Move your Team Building Online

Luckily there are several options to move your team building online. From high energy online games for remote teams to activities focused on health and wellness, TeamBonding supports a variety of virtual team building events. These activities allow teams to develop stronger communication through new online channels, supporting teams’ productivity and satisfaction.

High Energy Events

One of TeamBonding’s high energy events is Jeopardy!®. Essentially an indoor office game for employees that’s been transformed into an online game for remote teams, it’s also customized to your company’s needs. You can run a Jeopardy!®, a game about your specific company, identifying work-related knowledge gaps, or just have a fun team-building session around general trivia. Either way, Jeopardy!®’s online edutainment value allows you to connect your team virtually through new channels that promote different levels of interpersonal engagement.

Health and Wellness

Another timely and relevant area for your virtual team is a focus on health and wellness. All of our online events allow for customization depending on your team size and needs. Virtual Team Challenges focus on fitness challenges with a mix of videos, photos, social media and trivia. Employees earn points that are added to their overall score, and winners are determined based on the trivia leaderboard, the number of completed challenges, and how creative their media content is.


Teams that laugh together, innovate together. Employees that participate in Team Improv are placed in a setting that initiates communication and collaboration. The way we communicate has shifted; we are looking at each other through screens, unable to rely on body language. Participants of Team Improv learn new skills, they step out of their comfort zone to walk away with proactive listening, focus, trust, ability to make each other look good, and of course, a whole bunch of laughs!

There are so many positive aspects of working remotely, and you can learn to leverage them. Teams can also improve communication and productivity through Virtual Training Workshops. Employees can have a profound learning experience together remotely, with a trainer that has worked with over 200 companies in the last 25 years. This virtual workshop can be tailored to your companies needs and will examine how employees working from home can be their most productive and happy.

Virtual Company Culture Makes a Difference

The focus of these events allows teams to become stronger while also contributing to an individual’s overall wellbeing. Especially with COVID-19 causing concern, focusing on team members’ wellbeing is an important way to foster mutual support and trust.

The bottom line is managers and team members need to carve out time consistently for remote team building. When working remotely, it’s easy to focus on the benefits of efficiency and flexibility and skip the reimagining of interpersonal connections. While there are space and need for work-related team building, it’s also important to include activities outside the context of work.

As workspaces become increasingly virtual, remote team building activities present an excellent opportunity to leverage engagement. Integrating team building into a remote team will pay enormous dividends both in terms of lifting spirits and improving company culture.

What are you waiting for?

Take a step today to better your virtual team and contact us for any other information we can share with you regarding team building in a remote work world, or otherwise!


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Virtual Improv for Team Building

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Virtual Training Workshops

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