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Scaventures are wildly innovative, highly customizable, guaranteed fun and effective team building scavenger hunts. In 2014 we've take hunts to a whole new level with GoTek, NEW high-tech hunts delivered on Apple iPads and Android tablets in addition to our current Smartphone Scaventures. These new hunts utilize location-based trivia, photo and video challenges, image recognition, instant feedback, live leaderboards and GPS challenges with interactive maps using technology that will blow your mind.

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GoTek Explorer: High Tech Scaventure

Have your own Amazing Race & More!

GoTek Explorer is a high tech scavenger hunt that incorporates the newest smartphone and tablet technology with challenges in actual environment around you. Leverage your team’s natural desire for competition, achievement, status and self-expression, in a fun and compelling way.

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Clue Live Scaventure

Clue: Live!