The Team Behind The Team

Team building applies to any field, even a football field.

Following my favorite sports teams is my number one hobby! It’s fascinating to see how the most intense sports teams perform; the way they communicate, work together and understand each other.  As fans, we care about the win! However,  we have no idea what effort goes on behind the scenes. I realize that to have such a fierce demeanor as a team, it takes some work, teamwork. For players to cooperate, commit, and triumph, they first establish a fundamental core with team building.

Whether it be baseball, basketball, football, or soccer, team building activities exist to help strengthen team dynamics and stamina. Even for well-known teams such as the Red Sox, the Portland Trail Blazers, or the New York Jets, require a solid core of team building.  Prior to working for TeamBonding, I thought team building was only for companies in corporate offices!

Having the best team starts with communication.

Teams are able to establish a successful unity with these goals in mind:

1)    Identify a common goal or purpose

2)    Develop trust and open communication

3)    Motivate and encourage success

4)    Learn from failure, and celebrate victories

5)    Practice makes a stronger team

Even if a team has the best coach, the best players, or the best stadium, it is no match against a team that is united. I would have never thought that even the most well-known sports teams reach out for team building activities, but they do!  The high performing teams on the field are supported by the team off the field who need training and practice in communication, trust, and unity.

As part of the marketing team at TeamBonding, I was amazed to come across so many pictures of our programs in action with sports teams, sports team staff, and amazing venues. Clients have included the New England Patriots, the Boston Red Sox, the New York Jets, the New York Yankees, the San Antonio Spurs, the Miami Dolphins and many more and seeing that made me realize what a direct impact TeamBonding has on these popular teams. Ultimately, they reach out to us for support and to improve their own team dynamics and team performance.

Inspire teams to develop their strengths.

We are the go-to company to inspire and encourage collaboration and trust through team building. Our portfolio of experiences has given us the opportunities to deliver our team building activities in venues like Gillette Stadium, Fenway Park, Hard Rock Café Stadium, and the MetLife Stadium! After realizing that even top sports teams, along with Fortune 500 companies, reach out to TeamBonding, I realize that they are already ahead of the game by knowing the value in team-building and they entrust us to start to build that trust. Top sports teams and forward-thinking companies from across the globe reach out to us for our expertise in our TeamBonding programs, and it’s such a pleasure to be apart of keeping that momentum going!

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