Concierge-Level Custom Tailored Team Building

Are you planning to host a team building event but not finding a program that’s perfect for you and your team? Consider a custom tailored team building experience. Custom team building activities are designed with your team’s specific needs and goals in mind. These programs come with concierge-level service, providing businesses with the best experience and service possible.

While there’s nothing wrong with more traditional programs, these concierge-level programs offer a unique experience that’s custom tailored to you and your needs while taking care of all the ins and outs. Every company has unique needs, and your team building should reflect that. Custom concierge team building considers the individuality of your team and situation, better ensuring boosted employee engagement that can help your company thrive.

In this blog, we’re going to review custom tailored team building ideas, benefits, and real-world examples.

What is Concierge-Level Custom Team Building?

First, let’s start by looking at what concierge team building is. Concierge typically means someone who provides high-level service, like hotel staff who run errands and make accommodations for high-end clients.

In the context of team building, the meaning is similar; concierge team building refers to team building with service that goes above and beyond. Instead of the service typically offered by team building, these events offer the best possible custom tailored experience.

All that said, it can be difficult to get an idea of what exactly tailored team building is and looks like just from definitions. So let’s look at what we do at TeamBonding to offer concierge-level team building experiences. Customized team building is all about getting to know the company team. When we get a client, we take a deep look at the team and consider their needs to ensure that our events will be a perfect fit.

For example, say there is a highly competitive sales team looking to let loose, take a break from the competition, have some fun, and build bonds. We’ll take that into consideration and choose an event that fits those exact needs, such as an art or charity-related event.

Though that may sound simple, it’s not as easy as it seems. Every team is unique, and so are their needs. And with so many options when it comes to team building, finding the right event can be a challenge. With custom tailored team building though, you know you’ll get the perfect event for your team. Our highly skilled team uses their years of experience in team building to identify what your team needs and choose or design an event that is perfectly suited for you.

Benefits of Custom Tailored Team Building Activities

With the definition out of the way, let’s talk about what really matters—the benefits of custom tailored team building activities. There are a multitude of reasons for team building, and understanding the benefits can help motivate teams and management to get on board.

One of the biggest benefits is increased employee engagement. It’s no secret that employee engagement is incredibly important. Engaged employees are more efficient and motivated, and less likely to leave. Team building can be an effective way to boost engagement by bringing employees together and engaging in fun but challenging activities/events. And with boosted engagement, your teams will perform better than ever.

Another benefit is morale. Employees work better when they are happy and healthy. Low morale has many negative consequences, but team building is a great way to boost morale and ensure your employees are excited about work. Team dynamics, communication, and cooperation amongst co-workers can also be improved through custom tailored team building activities. Giving employees an opportunity to bond and learn more about each other in a fun context can greatly improve overall team dynamics.

That’s just the start though. Team building can also help employees improve specific skills, such as problem-solving, leadership, conflict management, and more. These skills are all key for successful teams, and team building can help improve them all. There are events perfect for whatever skill set your team is looking to improve. And if there aren’t, then customized team building can step in and provide a new, unique event that suits your needs.

One last benefit is that it can help align company culture and values. Keeping these aligned is incredibly important, as it can help ensure employee synergy and increase motivation, engagement, and more.

Examples of Custom Team Building Experiences from TeamBonding

Now, let’s look at some examples of custom tailored team building experiences from TeamBonding. Looking at some of our events and programs can help you get a better idea of what customized team building looks like in real life.

We’re going to break these down into types, but first, we’d like to mention that we can customize any of our existing programs or create a fully custom team building event for your team. So if none of these examples seem like a good fit, don’t worry!

Creative Problem-Solving Activities

Creative problem-solving activities are some of the most popular team building events—and for good reason. These events are not only fun but incredibly effective at improving problem-solving skills, as well as increasing engagement and morale.

Escape games are a great example. These events challenge participants to use their creativity and problem-solving skills to get out of an escape room, boosting those skills while helping teams create long-lasting bonds.

Escape the Blizzard escape game

Communication and Collaboration Activities

When it comes to communication and collaboration activities, there are lots of options. Comedy improv events are an effective option. These events encourage team members to communicate more effectively while also having fun.

Scavenger hunts, such as the Amazing Race Scavenger Hunt, are a great choice for those also looking to improve collaboration. With employees collaborating and communicating effectively to complete the scavenger hunt, those skills are bound to improve.

Amazing Race customized scavenger hunt

Social and Relationship-Building Activities

Social dynamics and relationship-building are an important part of creating a cohesive team, and custom tailored team building is a great way to focus on those aspects of a team. Fun, creative-focused workshops are a good option here.

Cooking for a Cause, for example, will have your team cooking and preparing meals for a local food bank, helping the community as your team learns more about each other and builds relationships that will help team dynamics.

Cooking for a cause customized event

Corporate Volunteering Activities

Last but not least are corporate volunteering activities. The bottom line of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is more important than you might think, and these custom team building activities help you capture those benefits while engaging employees and giving back to the community. Keep in mind that corporate volunteer management events can be turned into a custom tailored team building experience, ensuring that you and your team leave an impact through a non-profit that is meaningful to everyone involved.

The Charity Bike Build custom event

Examples of TeamBonding Customized Programs

At TeamBonding, we have years of experience creating customized team building programs and events. From the world’s largest scavenger hunt to CSR charity events, we have a history of facilitating incredible custom events. Let’s look at a couple of them to help you get custom tailored team building ideas for your team.

One of our favorites was a custom wagon-building event. You might be thinking, “wagons? For what?” But did you know that hospitals often use wagons instead of wheelchairs to transport kids, helping provide some fun and excitement in stressful situations? With this event, teams customized wagons to be used in hospitals for transporting kids. Not only was it an incredibly fun event where team members got to express their creativity and work together, but it also let those employees give back and truly make a difference.

Another great example was an engineering team that wanted to get out of their comfort zone. Given their work environment was fairly non-competitive, we decided to put them in a highly competitive environment. The event they went with was In It to Win It, and the feedback they provided indicated that it was the perfect event for the team and exactly what they were looking for.

The TeamBonding Process

To wrap up, let’s go over the TeamBonding process and how custom tailored team building works.

First, you’ll consult with our experts to discuss your needs and goals. Our team members will learn as much as possible about your team and needs, giving them the information necessary to find or create the perfect event. From there, we brainstorm to look for or creatively develop a program that matches your unique needs and situation. This step is key, and we work hard to think outside of the box and create the best possible experience.

Once the event is chosen or created, the next step is executing and facilitating the event. Our experienced staff will run the event, ensuring it goes smoothly while letting you and your team focus on enjoying the event. And it doesn’t stop when the event is over; we also follow up afterward to evaluate and get feedback. This helps us constantly improve and see that our events are as impactful as possible.

custom tailored event facilitators

Custom Concierge-Level Team Building with TeamBonding

Team building in general can be incredibly beneficial for teams, but custom tailored team building offers even more benefits. These custom events can improve problem-solving, communication, collaboration, morale, engagement, and much more. By taking into consideration your team and its unique needs, customized events can provide a more impactful experience that your team will remember for years to come.

With TeamBonding by your side, you can easily create a custom program that is right for your team. 25+ years of experience has helped us gain all the skills and knowledge required to create and run the perfect custom event for any team.

Your team is unique, and they deserve a unique concierge-level team building experience. So take the first steps and get in touch with us today to discuss your custom tailored team building needs.

Camille VanBuskirk

Team Contributor


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