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Michael Miller is a speaker and consultant who travels the country using his passion to help others improve their lives by thinking differently!  Michael will help you as a company get what you want, providing listeners with a roadmap to success in any situation, and ultimately getting more out of life.

Michael Miller is largely focused on effective communication, inspiration, team building and enhancing self-awareness and group/solo effectiveness. He strives to bring his bold, challenging approach and energetic sense of fun to all of his speaking and training engagements. Michael has had a great deal of experience in the spotlight, spending over 200 nights a year traveling the nation to groups as varied as human resources departments, student organization leaders, freshman parents and large corporations. Hear what he has to say at the Get Really Motivated program!

Speaking Topics:

Ice Breakers/Getting Started Sessions

Team building activities are not silly games; rather, they are powerful tools that increase the rate at which individuals become part of a larger community. A fun and high-energy approach keeps participants interacting while becoming strongly connected.

Managing Dysfunctional Group Behaviors

Some people’s behavior takes energy away from the team. This session will explore those behaviors and provide the team. This session will explore those behaviors and provide the team with ways to not only manage the behavior, but to improve it.


Need a boost? Through an interactive activity and using a presenter-developed model, participants will see their strengths in a dramatic way. In addition, we’ll explore theories of motivation that will last all year long.

The Headband Experiment: Understanding Others

Individual behaviors and attitudes affect group effectiveness. This interactive role play will illustrate this principle and provide participants strategies to handle different group differences.

Assertiveness and Constructive Confrontation

Tired of being a doormat? Are you left saying, “I should have said something!” after interactions? Let’s learn a framework for communication that leaves both parties satisfied.

Conflict Management

Conflict is bad, right? Not during this session! Conflict is an important way we can come to better decisions and ideas – if we manage it correctly. Let’s learn the ways to actually make conflict positive.

Delegation and Retention

We all want to retain quality people in our organizations. Did you know that by giving them important and challenging work you can do just that?

Leadership:  Types and Styles

Hands on or hands off? Which is best and why? We’ll use an instrument to explore leadership styles and then discuss ways to develop our skills so that we can employ the right styles at the right time.

Managing Multiple Priorities

When there are many tasks competing for our attention, we can become paralyzed. This session will provide strategies for task review and analysis so that you can get it all done.

Brainstorming and Mapping

Sure, we’ve all brainstormed! But do we do it effectively? In this session, we explore the topic again and also look at mapping – another way to generate ideas and organize them well.

Customer Services

Why does it seem so hard to provide quality customer service? This session will provide a foundation on how to approach customers and then look at ways to handle irate/difficult ones.

Evaluation: A Practical Approach

Evaluation seems difficult – although it needn’t be. Using your organizations goals, we will discuss a method for evaluation that makes it easier to access your efforts.

Unlocking Your Creativity

Creativity can be a powerful tool to advance your organizations agenda. Do you use this tool wisely? In this session we will explore ways that creativity can create new opportunities.

Goal Setting and Planning

Tired of setting goals because you never seem to accomplish them? This session will not only assist you in identifying your goals, but give you strategies to review and evaluate them.

Getting What You Want From Life

This session asks the important questions and motivates you to find the answers. Prepare for some positive confrontation as the presenter boldly shares the most effect ways to get what you want. A terrific keynote or endnote!

“I can’t express how much my leadership team enjoyed the session that Michael Miller led for us. His energy, enthusiasm, and presentation skills are second to none. The elements that I appreciated from Michael more than the above, was his attention to detail and the work he put in to understand our industry, our specific business, and the members of the session themselves. I have worked with many speakers and presenters over the years, but Michael’s credibility shined because of the work he put in before the session. Ultimately, this made our experience that much better and productive as everyone felt like Michael truly cared about our team and was invested in making the team better.  Furthermore, Michael created a buzz and a rejuvenated commitment for success amongst my team that I am confident will carry over beyond the session and into our work environment. I would not hesitate to have Michael return to meet with my team in the future.”

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