Arrow Break

It only takes a split second to break an arrow against your throat. But the benefits can last a lifetime. By exposing one of the most vulnerable areas of their bodies, your team will emerge feeling exhilarated and unstoppable.

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Why this event?

After working with hundreds of organizations and professionals around the world, we’re more passionate than ever about creating life-changing experiences. Arrow Break is definitely one of those.

Let’s clear up one question right away – exactly how does Arrow Break work? Believe it or not, you place one end of an arrow against the soft, supple part of your throat. The idea is to then bend the arrow until it snaps in half. Incredibly, it’s possible to do this without injury or pain. Still, please don’t try this at home.

During this professionally-guided team building exercise for adults, participants work closely in pairs. They must trust and rely on each other as they work through vulnerabilities to reach a place of 100% commitment.

In life, each of is tested on the road to success. One of the most powerful principles for pushing through the challenges we face is that of unwavering commitment. It’s a well-documented fact that commitment is fundamental to almost all notable human achievements. Committed employees bring added value to an organization through their determination, proactive support, high productivity and a keen awareness of quality.

Commitment is also fundamental to management, attendance, and loyalty – all of which can be decisive factors in a company’s success.

TeamBonding’s Arrow Break program allows a team to gain lifelong lessons in a powerful, memorable way.

Team size
  • 4-50 people
Time needed
  • 1-1.5 Hours
Space requirement

This program works in most spaces. Ideally, the room has a large open space to accommodate for the Icebreakers/Energizers as people will be moving around.

Ideal for
  • Developing a clear understanding of how participants let fear get in their way
  • Gaining clarity about something in their work/life in which they want to have 100% commitment
  • Understanding how to empower others in the organization
  • Being inspired to achieve the incredible
  • Appreciating the critical importance of working together



We can include a specific corporate message or area or focus into the discussion portion of this event. Additionally, this program can be done one of two ways:

  • As a seminar for a large audience with a focused lecture followed by one or two volunteers joining the lead onstage to demonstrate breaking an arrow with their necks
  • As a workshop there is a setup about commitment and fears with a walkthrough and demonstration followed by all the participants breaking an arrow with their neck

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