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Join host Rich Rininsland as he chats with business and HR thought leaders to uncover the secrets of teamwork and company success! This podcast offers leadership advice from around the world as well as practical tips and playful insights on building a team that's not only productive but also downright fun. Tune in for laughter, inspiration, and a dash of mischief as we discover expert advice on team building from the coolest minds in the industry. 

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Season 1 | Episode 1
Guy Baker’s Team Building Revolution

Catalyst Global CEO Guy Baker In the early 1980s Catalyst Global CEO Guy Baker started a small team building company in the UK at the time corporate team building exercises were tired, hackneyed events seemingly all from a limited imagination of a small cadre of alpha males.

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Meet Your Host: Rich Rininsland

Rich Rininsland, host of the Team Building Saves the World podcast, is an experienced event facilitator with a history in the professional training and coaching industry. He has a strong human resources background and enjoys chatting with HR thought leaders to solve today’s leadership and teamwork challenges. Join Rich in this team building podcast and get ready to explore strategies and tools to spice up your team dynamics and boost morale like never before!

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