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Join host Rich Rininsland as he chats with business and HR thought leaders to uncover the secrets of teamwork and company success! This podcast offers leadership advice from around the world as well as practical tips and playful insights on building a team that's not only productive but also downright fun. Tune in for laughter, inspiration, and a dash of mischief as we discover expert advice on team building from the coolest minds in the industry. 

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Season 1 | Episode 14
Hazel Jackson – What’s Next

From rags to riches – Hazel Jackson founded the Biz Group company in 1993 with just $700. As an entrepreneur at heart, Hazel has built this regionally recognized and successful multi-million-dollar business.

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Season 1 | Episode 13
Kingsley Seale – Be Real. Be Playful.

Kingsley Seale, Director of Operations at Be Challenged speaks about how his time with the Rugby Union has influenced him in creating effective teams.

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Season 1 | Episode 12
Karl Burrows and The Haka

Karl Burrows the founder of Haka Works and a New Zealander of Maori and European descent, and currently in London with his wife and 3 children.

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Season 1 | Episode 11
David Powell: Team Building in the Asian Pacific

Listen to David as he joins the show to share stories and insights from his deep involvement in the evolution of the Team Building Industry in South East Asia over the last 25 years. David Powell is the Managing Director of Asia Ability Creative Team Building based in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. He has successfully designed and conducted numerous training workshops including leadership skills, leadership development, team leading, team development, conflict management, and many others.

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Season 1 | Episode 10
Cecilia Lopez and Creative Team Building

From Dubai to Mexico, Cecilia Lopez joins the show to speak to Rich about her love of creative team building. After 4 years of experience organizing corporate events in the Middle East, Cecilia together with her husband Gabriel Quijano became co-owner of Catalyst Mexico. In her current team building position of Creativity Director, she encourages creativity, passion, and team spirit.

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Season 1 | Episode 9
Rupert Picardo: The Record Setter

Listen to Rich speak with Rupert as he shares his exciting stories including the record attempted (and set) for the largest ensemble of body percussionists in the world. His team shattered the record by having almost 160% more people than the previous record perform body percussion for a continuous six minutes!

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Season 1 | Episode 8
Stuart Downie’s Favorite Team Building Games

TeamBonding’s Facilitator Training Manager Stuart Downie joins this podcast and shares with Rich his favorite team building games and techniques. Stuart is a British Adventurer and accomplished Director who is just as happy presenting team building and leadership programs as he is leading a mountain expedition in the Highlands of Scotland or skippering a sailboat across the North Sea.

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Season 1 | Episode 7
Oran Masterson’s Outdoor Adventures

In this podcast, Rich talks with Oran Masterson, the Director and Creator of Opportunities at Orangeworks in Ireland who shares his exciting history of teaching team building through outdoor adventures!

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Season 1 | Episode 6
Fabio Tognetti: Italian Leadership Training Expert

In this podcast, Fabio Tognetti from Italy speaks to Rich about his training courses, and how he entered the great world of team building. Fabio is an Emotional Trainer, Speaker, and Founder and Mentor of UNREAL with 20+ years of experience delivering corporate events across the world in Italian and English to set their employees up for success.

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Season 1 | Episode 5
Gabriel Quijano: Mexican Team Building Expert

In this podcast, Gabriel talks about how he brought the concept of Team Building to his home country of Mexico.

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Season 1 | Episode 4
Paul Giroux The Game Show Dad

Get a different perspective in this podcast = from TeamBonding’s Director of Facilitator Training Paul Giroux. With over 15 years of experience facilitating hundreds of programs per year, Paul has become one of our most sought-after Facilitators and we have the references to prove it. Listen to this podcast to hear his story of how using game shows can build team leadership.

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Season 1 | Episode 3
Helena Chavarria’s Creative Journey

Rich chats with Helena Chavarría, the Director of Camino Travel and Premio DMC about her creative journey.  Helena is the creative and innovative spirit of both companies. Listen to what it took for Helena to start her own company in lovely Costa Rica.

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Meet Your Host: Rich Rininsland

Rich Rininsland, host of the Team Building Saves the World podcast, is an experienced event facilitator with a history in the professional training and coaching industry. He has a strong human resources background and enjoys chatting with HR thought leaders to solve today’s leadership and teamwork challenges. Join Rich in this team building podcast and get ready to explore strategies and tools to spice up your team dynamics and boost morale like never before!

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