A Day in the Life of James Bond

He’s a killer spy by day, and knows how to wind down with a tasty cocktail by night. Who wouldn’t want to be like James Bond? Now, we can’t promise all of the fancy weapons, but these team building ideas can give you a little taste of what it’s like to live the thrilling life of the famous James Bond.

team building ideas

Here’s your own “How to be James Bond” guide, full of trilling team building ideas for the whole office to get involved in. Uncover these cases and you may soon find that your co-workers start referring to you as “007.” How’s that for a cool nickname around the office?


team building ideasCase #1 The Case of the Missing Spy Skills

So you want to be like James Bond, but you’re lacking in the spy skills department. We can help. Our School for Spies program will put you through the nation’s most prestigious spy training program. At the espionage training academy, School for Spies, you will be put to the test as your team works together to break codes, follow clues and retrieve sensitive information.

It’s almost graduation time at School for Spies, and your classmates have been working hard at this for years. The top of the class will be chosen as elite members who will be assigned to the most glamorous international assignments, something we ALL know James Bond does very well.

Schools for Spies will help you excel your spy skills and take your team to another level of teamwork. This program truly puts the “bond”  in TeamBonding!

Case #2 The Case of the Missing Go Team

With our Go Team program you’ll be on the fast track to becoming  James Bond 2.0. Go Team’s technology and personalization will even have James Bond himself impressed. This top-secret, high-tech scavenger hunt will have your team working together to complete highly classified missions and even catch a rival spy. Your only weapons: Smartphones, iPads, or Tablets.

team building ideas

Perhaps you’ll embark on your own Amazing Race and attempt photo challenges and three location-specific challenges; or maybe you’ll take part in the Mad Dash, where you’ll tackle intriguing photo and trivia challenges! Best yet, our fully immersive City Explorer challenge will leave your team with exciting video, photo and trivia challenges, all while using cutting edge technology built on Image Recognition and GPS.

This is a true James Bond experience. Use Go Team’s technology to your advantage and you may even find yourself out-doing James Bond!



team building ideas

Case #3 The Case of the Missing Cocktail

“Shaken not stirred” is how Mr. James Bond likes his martinis. How do you like yours? At our Cocktail Team Building, the program you’ll have many options. This program is informative, fun and relaxing – the perfect way to wind down after a long day of meetings, or use it as an excuse for your team to get together in a relaxed
environment. You’ll be challenged to design and present a cocktail from a mystery box of ingredients.

You can make whatever you’d like at your Cocktail Team Building program, but remember, James Bond, preferred a martini…(shaken, not stirred). Maybe that’s what made him such a good spy? Consider that while you’re picking your beverage of choice!

Case Closed! Now you have some team building ideas in mind that’ll bring you closer to becoming James Bond. So, do a little investigating and see which program suits your team best.


team building ideas

Lauren Baker

Team Contributor


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