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Armed with Smartphones, iPads or Tablets as your tour guides, this high tech tablet or smartphone scavenger hunt is a team building program with an unconventional twist.

Hi-Tech Scavenger Hunt for Team Building

With GoTek, you’ll work together to locate GPS hot spots, complete challenges (sometimes within the actual environment around you), answer questions and earn points.

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GoTek uses “gamification” to engage participants. Gamification is the “process of using game thinking and game mechanics to solve problems and engage audiences”. Put simply, it means that you’ll get far better results from your group if you engage them within a game environment. So it’s perfect for an interactive scavenger hunt for team building, using tablets and smartphones!

Your high tech game will include questions and challenges using every type of multimedia at our disposal. This includes video, audio, images, augmented reality, maps, GPS and more. Not only will your group be out racing around solving clues, but more for points they will also have missions. They’ll meet up with our team at pre-determined locations to compete in various challenges.

You can also theme your hunt!

scavenger hunt for team buildingscavenger hunt for team buildingscavenger hunt for team buildingscavenger hunt for team building

Plan your hi-tech scavenger hunt today with GoTek!

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