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Our modern-day scavenger hunts are the perfect way for teams to explore their surroundings using a mobile device and our custom GPS app. They’ll navigate to various GPS hotspots to collect photos, videos, and other hilarious target items.

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Epic iPhone, iPad Facilitated Scavenger Hunts

Our epic scavenger hunts are always sure-fire winners, indoors or out. You get a perfect combination of friendly competition, adventure, humor and teamwork. The challenges built into each of our hunts can be customized around your company culture, location(s) and time constraints. We can also tailor your hunt to reflect a conference theme, company branding or anything else that’s important to you. 

As teams spread out in search of victory, a live leaderboard lets them keep track of competitors’ progress. The leaderboard is a powerful way to keep energy and engagement sky-high throughout the event. 

We can stage your hunt practically anywhere in the world – even across multiple locations at the same time. The technology driving your hunt is now available in 90 countries, so you have plenty of options.

Most Popular Scavenger Hunts

Get started by finding out which one of our Go Team Scavenger Hunts is best for your team.

Mad Dash

Explore, learn, compete – a unique and interactive way to explore your city whilst building your team. Enjoy a hunt with a conventional twist, indoors, outdoors, or both.

Go Give - Charity Challenge

gotek for charity

Go Give is a charity challenge that is both fun and rewarding!

Complete various location-based tasks and obtain the HIGHEST number of Giving Impacts and gain HIGHEST number of points. Think globally and act collectively to strive towards achieving a common goal of making a positive impact.

Amazing Race

amazing race dash new work city

Loosely based on the TV hit The Amazing Race teams choose their own route through the race completing challenges as they go, teams can buy shortcuts, but wrong answers will incur detours and roadblocks.

City Explorer

Team Acting like a Mannequin
Smart Scavenger Hunt
high-tech team building
Go Team Scavenger Hunt

City Explorer is a scavenger hunt that incorporates the newest smartphone and tablet technology with office gamification to engage participants. Leverage your team’s natural desire for competition, achievement, status, and self-expression in a fun and compelling way. . It can be played by ANY team in ANY city. The latest technology, convenient gameplay, and a flexible location all while focusing on core team building skills – why look any further?!

Venue Explorer

GoTek Scavenger Hunt
Around the World Hunt
Go Team Hunts
Museum scavenger hunt
Day At The Museum
Group of people hugs each other

Go Team Venue Explorer uses the latest in tablet technology with office gamification to engage participants. This unique event allows you to select the venue – a museum, a zoo, or an amusement park, (anywhere in North America) it’s up to you. Then we’ll write and run a unique and interactive hunt on-site for your team!


High Tech GPS Scavenger Hunt
Monopoly Scavenger Hunt for Team Building
Happy lady

Bored of Board games? Then Team-Opoly is for you!

Experience a live, high-tech scavenger experience with a twist. Team-opoly is a spin-off the board game we all know and love. The difference? Team-opoly is customized to your city, for your team and you will not be forced to sit at a table for hours!
Team-Opoly allows teams to get moving, be creative and strategic while having fun. Strategy is an important skill that affects all businesses, big or small. Having a team that practices and creates effective strategic plans is a must. Team-opoly naturally gives teams the opportunity to make decisions, conduct operations, and create their own team foundation during gameplay.

Take your chances, roll the dice and move 6 spaces toward success with Team-Opoly!

Go Team Team-Opoly

Pub Crawl

fun team building - pub crawls
Pub Scavenger Hunt

Go Team Pub Crawl is the perfect mix of pub trivia, a bar crawl, a scavenger hunt, and a double dose of fun on the rocks. A fun choice for you and your team and a great opportunity to show that competitive edge!

Pub Crawl

Spy Hunt

spy themed smartphone scavenger hunt

Mystery •  Intrigue • Adventure

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to solve the mystery of who killed Agent Kelly. Using tablets that we provide for you, teams will have access to our state-of-the-art app where they will be tasked with answering questions and deciphering codes in order to receive a series of clues that will ultimately lead them to the answers they seek. Secret Agents, hitmen, and informants can be found at three area-specific locations to help or hinder the team’s progress. This high-tech hunt is a game of espionage that will require cunning, strategy, teamwork, and boldness of heart.
Strategy is an important skill that affects all businesses, big or small. Go Team Spy Hunt naturally gives teams the opportunity to make decisions, conduct operations, be creative and think strategically all while having fun.

Escape the Mob

Escape the Virtual Mob
Online Escape the Mob
Virtual Escape the Mob

A daring robbery from the Mob bosses hideout at the back of his notorious night club. Thieves stole a valuable stash of diamonds. The boss, Don Collioni, is mad. He wants his diamonds back at all costs. He has put the word out that these people must be apprehended right away. Anyone who was at the club that night is under suspicion, and the mob is looking for you now. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time. In order to prove your innocence and successfully Escape the Mob, first you will have to retrace your steps from the night before, create an alibi, then ultimately recover the stolen diamonds so that you can live to fight another day!

Escape the Maze

Escape the Maze
Escape the Maze with TeamBonding
Escape the Maze with TeamBonding
Escape the Maze with TeamBonding
Escape the Maze with TeamBonding
Escape the Maze with TeamBonding
Escape the Maze with TeamBonding

This action-packed, GPS-triggered escape trail challenges teams to puzzle their way back to reality. Teams navigate a ‘real world’ adventure trail to escape a ‘virtual world’ mirrored on their iPad interface.

In the end, everyone will discover that they must work together to solve the final puzzles and Escape the Maze!

Healthcare Heroes

Healthcare Heroes is an exciting interactive team building experience that embraces Corporate Social Responsibility by acknowledging healthcare professionals who do so much within our communities. As teams complete a series of healthcare-related challenges, they’ll collect items for donation to a local hospital. Each appreciation bag includes surgical caps, comfy medical-themed socks, stainless steel water bottles and plenty of healthy snacks.

We customize your hunt around your specific location, based on whatever’s available in the general area. The game mechanics of our app-based GoTeam platform have been optimized to inspire maximum engagement and fun interaction throughout your event. Your hunt target list will include video and photo challenges, hot spots, trivia and donation bag assembly challenges. The winning team is announced when your entire group comes back together to share photos, videos and laughter. 

Custom Written

Go Zoo Scavenger Hunt
Go Team Mad Dash Team Building
Go Team Scavenger Hunt
Go Team Hunts

Whether your team has 50 people or 5,000, is based in North America or the rest of the world – we’ve run custom-made solutions on beaches, remote islands, and in world-famous museums – some lasting for days others just a number of hours.

We are up for the challenge… designing YOUR challenge!

Custom Written Go Team

Outdoor Hunts

City streets provide a great playground for exploring, learning and competing against other teams. We’ve created lots of themes to choose from – your group can hunt for a spy, navigate a large-scale maze, explore pubs or even play Team-Opoly using the city as a giant game board.  Talk to us about the best option for your own team.

Indoor Hunts

There’s an indoor hunt to fit every team and every venue. Our game designers and facilitators can transform any space into a high-tech scavenger hunt filled with interactive adventure. In our world, customization is a superpower. If you’re considering a scavenger hunt team building event, we’d love to know what you’re thinking. 

*Looking for online options? Visit our Virtual Scavenger Hunt page.

Team size
  • 20 - 1,200
Time needed
  • 1.5+ hours
Space requirement

Our hunts can be staged nearly anywhere. It’s helpful to have one large area where teams can all gather to kick things off and explain the rules. This is also where everyone will end up for the final point tally and awards. If you have offices spread across the country (or around the world), we’ll handle this part virtually.

Ideal for
  • Team away days
  • Training & development
  • Company social events
  • Conference breakout activities
  • Location-based games that can last a day, a week more

We can personalize your Go Team with images, questions and challenges to address any objective. Do you want fun and crazy? No problem. Or maybe you’d prefer something a bit more serious, with measurable team outcomes. Our sophisticated in-app feedback module was built for you. We can even wrap the whole event in your company’s brand identity, for a truly personalized adventure.

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For more than 25 years, we’ve been helping teams like yours enhance open communication and build team camaraderie. If you want to rekindle the bonds your team once shared, or you’re assembling a new virtual team for the post-pandemic world, we are here to help.

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