Championship Sales Training

As Marc shares in this program, winning the business of well-informed prospects is very similar to winning in sports. Consistent success—both in sales and on the field—requires a distinct strategy, audience activity technical.

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Why this event?

Sales motivation training is critical in today’s technology-saturated world where information is readily available. The Internet has changed everything for prospects—not to mention for the salespeople who hope to win their business. This new environment creates a tremendous opportunity for those with the right sales training to dramatically increase sales. 

As Marc shares his Corporate Championship Sales Training program, winning the business of well-informed prospects is very similar to winning in sports. Consistent success—both in sales and on the field—requires a distinct strategy, a repeatable process and a clear plan to execute with commitment and passion.

Immediate takeaways from this motivational sales program include:

  • Phone and in-person conversation scripts to use during sales interactions
  • A clear day-to-day plan for achieving sales goals
  • The blueprint for an easy-to-apply, fool-proof system for selling
  • Fully understand an easy-to-apply yet fool-proof system for selling
  • Learn to think like a championship salesperson to optimize success in all aspects of business

Past motivational sales program participants have reported that they:

  • Close more sales than ever before
  • Increase current average sale’s transaction size
  • Sell more frequently to current clients
  • Know exactly how to achieve sales goals

“In the old days, salespeople were in power because they had information buyers needed. Today, buyers are in charge because everything they need to research products, services, and companies is freely available on the web. New selling models are required. Are you playing by the new rules? Marc shows you how.”

David Meerman Scott – Bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR

Team size
  • 10 - 200 - Keynote also available for larger groups
Time needed
  • 1/2 day to 1 day program
Space requirement
Ideal for
  • New project kickoffs
  • Memorable meal breaks during a conference
  • Pull a new team together after reorganization

Training Style:

  • Engaging, interactive and high-energy facilitation
  • Utilizes play and fun to keep focus and anchor learning
  • Powerpoint used to stimulate all modalities of learning
  • Roleplays used throughout so participants learn by doing
  • Customized real-life scenarios used to create context for techniques
  • Mnemonic memory techniques applied to deepen retention of material

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