Get your team moving for productivity!

If you are reading this, you are most likely planted at a desk in front of your computer.

You may or may not be at work right now, but unless you are an athlete, landscaper, fire fighter, etc. you probably spend most of your working hours behind a desk.

This assumption leads me to the team building tip for this week. It involves one of my favorite topics: physical fitness. Being a self proclaimed “gym rat” I know the mental and physical benefits of a consistent routine.

boost team productivity

When we were young we were naturally agile and flexible. I know when I was a kid my mission was to be on the go 24/7! It is natural to want to move and essential for slowing the aging process.

Then the years pass and the responsibilities pile up. We sit for 8+ hours a day, and if you are commuter you may spend more like 12+ hours in a sitting position. All of this sitting puts too much strain on certain muscles, while allowing others to slowly atrophy. We start to get headaches, carpel tunnel, back problems and gain weight. All of this leads to stress which decreases individual and team productivity.

Boost Team Productivity

It has long been known that physical movement increases endorphins, elevating the mood. It also helps increase concentration and productivity. Small changes do have lasting results. So make sure to remind your team to get up and stretch every hour or take a walk on their break. Better yet- make it a team effort! Form a walking club or have a set time each day where employees can get up and get moving. In my first week here at TeamBonding I witnessed some of the team members having fun with fitness by doing push ups through out the day on the hour.

physical activity at work boosts team productivity

Here at TeamBonding we specialize in getting teams active and productive, with the “power of play” as the cornerstone to our programs. Check in with your team to find a routine that works for them. Just 15-30 minutes a day can help them relieve stress and be ready for the challenges ahead.

If you need a jump start, maybe try one of our programs, like GoTek Explorer: High Tech Scaventure. It’s a smart phone scaventure that will get your group moving while completing hilarious team building missions.

Do you encourage physical activity at work? We would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below!


Flora Baxter

Team Contributor


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