Solving the Mystery of Effective Team Building

Finding the right way to team build can be difficult. You want to keep everyone engaged, find something that everyone will enjoy doing, and above all, have a good time. Most employees hear the words “team building activity” and want to run in the other direction, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Team building is very important to have effective communication in the workplace and can help increase employee engagement!

effective team building We’re here to help you crack the code and solve the mystery of effective team building so that you get it just right for your team.


Clue #1 – Make sure your team is AWARE

Prepare your team in advance. Make sure that everybody is on the same page and is on board with the idea of a team building program. Last minute notice of a team building activity may increase some resistance among employees. Instead, plan your team building activity in advance with the help of the entire office. Get everyone involved in the planning process to ensure your team has an effective team building experience.

Clue #2 – Set Expectations

Strongly encourage your whole team to participate in the team building event. After all, “None of us is as smart as all of us” (Dr. Ken Blanchard). It’s true! Having the entire group involved in your team building activity is very important. It’s hard to build upon these crucial skills when you’re missing members of the team. Let your team know this. Maybe even have some incentive for attendance? The more the merrier!

Clue #3 – Find Your Niche 

Going in to a team building activity, participants must understand that not everyone can be a leader within the group. While having a leadership role within a group is important, it’s also important that other members fill out other roles. There is a spot for everyone, you just need to find your niche. You’d be surprised what impact a team bonding activity can have on the group dynamic in the office. Many of the lessons you learn from your team building experience are transferable to the office.

Clue #4 – Pick the Right Activity

Consider your team’s dynamic when choosing your team building activity. You can do a number of team building activities, but the trick is picking the best one that will be the most effective team building experience for your team in particular. Does your team like to be actively searching for clues? Or would your team rather enjoy a show over dinner?

You will want to choose a team building activity that will keep your employees engaged and having a good time. What better way to get to know your coworkers than solving mysteries together? You’ll increase communication, problem solving and decision making skills among your team and have a blast while doing it.

How would you ensure an effective team building experience? How do you approach finding the right team building activity for your team?

Lauren Baker

Team Contributor


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