Go Green in the Office

Global warming’s effects are beginning to show in today’s world. It is ultimately up to us to make a difference in this matter. We thought we’d share with you tips and ideas for “going green” in the office! Remember: any little bit helps.

go green in the office Adopting environmentally friendly habits in the workplace can be tricky. Why? Well, office spaces tend to need (and use) a lot of supplies. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t make little contributions throughout your day that will help the environment in the long run!

Here are some ideas:

This one is super easy to do. Put a bin next to the trash can marked “recycling,” and you have your office space and environmentally friendly, trash-saving option. Now, sometimes people don’t always put their recyclables in the marked bin even though it’s right there. So, making an office-wide announcement may benefit your recycling goals!

go green in the office

Another thing to try is a friendly competition. Maybe you have a couple of recycling bins set up around the office – who can fill theirs the fastest? Will they get a prize? Maybe an ice cream party for their section of the office? Now, there’s some incentive!

Use Google Docs
go green in the officeHave you ever thought about how much paper you would save if you shared all of your documents over the internet rather than printing them out? Whenever possible, try sharing necessary documents with your co-workers over the internet instead of printing them out! Not only does it save paper, but it will also save you some dreaded clutter piling up on your desk.

Invest in some Cutlery
The kitchen is one place that accumulates a ton of garbage. Buying some cutlery, cups and plates to use at lunchtime can help save a bunch of trash that accumulates in the office kitchen. PLUS you won’t have to remember to pack your disposable dishware everyday (I know I always forget. Check out more information about green lunches here!)

Save Electricity
Try to remember to shut off the lights in your office space before you leave work each day. Also, remember to shut off your computer or any other electronics you won’t need. Unplugging devices that aren’t being used can also save a huge amount of electricity. Even when a device is just simply plugged in it uses something called “phantom electricity.” This is useless electricity going towards nothing which is wasting valuable energy and racking up your electricity bill.

go green in the office Making a post-it note reminder to put on your office door, or setting a reminder on your phone can serve as a helpful tool to remember to do these things!

Other Ideas:

  • Carpool to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Subscribe to online magazines/newspapers rather than print
  • Maximize your office space’s natural lighting to reduce the use of electricity

Also, check out our Go Green Racing program!

How will your team go green in the office? What practices does your office already implement?

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