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How to Inspire & Build Team Trust

How do you inspire, strengthen, and build team trust? View the Worksheet

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An Attitude of Gratitude – Living through Hard Times

How do you promote gratitude and find positivity within your team? USA Today’s Gratitude Guru, Chris Schembra, guides us through what it means to have An Attitude of Gratitude.  Even at the highest levels of success, business leaders and their teams are lonely, isolated, and disconnected. By giving gratitude to the positive consequences, and out-weighing the negative, gratitude creates the framework that helps leaders build community, and strengthen relationships. Gratitude is short for great attitude!

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A Valentine’s Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board Building

What goes better together than hot chocolate and marshmallows? Hot chocolate, marshmallows, and a charcuterie board! Here to celebrate Valentine’s Day with us, is Valentina Ruffoni hosting a Valentine’s Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board Building Webinar Workshop. Gather your ingredients prior to, and join us to learn how to make one for your sweetheart, family, or company office!

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A New Year in Omnipreneurship

How do you reach the impossible? The unobtainable? Learn how passion, purpose, and profit come together, for omnipreneurship in the new year. In this webinar with Hema Vyas, a renowned speaker, psychologist, and life leadership mentor, as she shares with us her experience and knowledge of omnipreneurship. As many of us reel from changes to work and life, we are seeing a greater emphasis on people and values-based qualities of leadership. In the evolving workplace, heart-based communication, honesty, and self-management are the key to success in business as well as in our own lives. Omnipreneurs see meaning and success as integral to one another and have the intention to positively impact people, purpose, and the planet.

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Generational Tension at Work – How, Why, and What You Can Do About It

Generational Tension at Work – How, Why, and What You Can Do About It In this Team Building Webinar Series session with Lindsay Boccardo, learn about generational differences and how, why, and what you can do about it. How you show up at work – in meetings, with your team, talking with your boss – is impacted directly by the generation in which you were raised. Your developmental psychology and your experiences with authority growing up have created the expectations you unconsciously hold, Learn what you can do to reduce tension and maximize talent in your organization. It’s no surprise that there is more tension now than ever as four generations learn to co-exist in the workplace.

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Adding Value to Virtual Interactions

Virtual presentations’ natural evolution requires us to continuously improve our content, delivery, and technology. Chuck Reaves, CSP, CPAE, CSO, #1 Sales Expert, “Selling Virtually” and Motivational Keynote Speaker shares how large and small businesses benefit from Virtual Interactive Value-Added Sales (VIVA). Learn some of the primary differentiators that can set your messages apart and cause viewers to benefit more from your virtual interactions. With a dash of humor, Chuck discusses the technologies and processes for creating dynamic, professional, and effective virtual interactions. This session will end with a live Q&A where you and your colleagues can ask Chuck questions in the chat.

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Work Smarter to Live Happier: 8 Actions to Avoid Burnout

Even the best need a helping hand! Learn the eight steps you need to take to avoid burnout, improve work-life balance, and boost productivity. Daryl Woodhouse, an expert in helping leaders, entrepreneurs, and their teams, will inspire you through his heartfelt story of a very unexpected burnout, and what he did to turn his life around. In this virtual keynote session, discover what great mental fitness looks like, and how to get it with practical wellbeing and productivity activities.

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Wellness in the Workplace

In this Wellness Webinar with Steffi Black and Hema Vyas,  they each share with us their experience and knowledge of why we need mental wellness more than ever and shifting into a new paradigm where leaders are able to set the tone for better wellbeing in the workplace.

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Bouncing Back – Living Beyond Limits

We all face challenges and obstacles in pursuit of our personal and business dreams. For most of us, those are day to day frustrations to which we often attribute far more weight than we should. For others, like Amy Purdy, those obstacles can include a life-changing illness that nearly took her life and left her with two prosthetic legs as an everyday reminder of her near-death experience. This self-proclaimed ‘Fembot’ shares her remarkable story, weaves in the themes of creativity, clarity, and commitment into an emotional rollercoaster of powerful storytelling that will take you from tears to cheers and redefine what it means to be inspired.

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Ice Sculpting Demo

Meet Mark Crouthamel, Lead Facilitator of one of our most popular team building activities – Ice Sculpting. Mark is an award-winning carver with over 20 years of experience carving ice and is a member of the National Ice Carving Association. Join us for a quick demo on our Ice Sculpting Program, a creative and hands-on way to break the ice!

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Virtual Energizers & IceBreakers

Learn how to deliver great virtual meetings using energizers and icebreakers! Join team building expert, international speaker, and bestselling author Tyler Hayden in this TeamBonding session where we will explore the things you need to do to deliver great energizers at your next virtual meeting. We will help you design, develop, and deliver great tools that will have your team connecting in a digitally enhanced meeting.

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Cinco de Mayo Margaritas & Salsa!

Coming to you highly recommended from our Catalyst partners in Mexico is Bernardo and Sergio. Here to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with us, Sergio a respected Mixologist, and Bernardo, a well-renowned Chef who will show us how to make festive, authentic Mexican Margaritas and Salsa!

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Why Improv Now More Than Ever

Why are business leaders taking improv classes? In this webinar learn how improv training prepares people to perform their best under volatile conditions and in the face of uncertainty. You will leave the webinar with the key principles of improv, ready to apply them to your immediate challenges.

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Effective Virtual Presentations

Learn the best techniques to command presence and engage your virtual audience – from proper lighting, screen location and distance, where to look while speaking, to how to capture attention through emotions, story, tone of voice.

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Resiliency: How to Stay Happy and Healthy in a World of Fear and Uncertainty

Discover how to stay happy and healthy in a world of fear and uncertainty. Learn what happens to the brain during uncertainty and how to get back to calm. Find out techniques to keep your body healthy through eating properly, movement and enough sleep.

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Effective Virtual Team Meetings

Leverage unique opportunities and minimize inherent challenges that inevitably happen when you take your meetings online. Increase team engagement and interactivity while keeping everyone focused.

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Working at Home Effectively

Examine how to leverage working from home to be most productive and happy. Look at the challenges of working from home and learn how to overcome them. Learn the ideal home office setup, how to structure your days for peak productivity and keep work/life balance intact.

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Stress & Immunity

Learn how to control your stress; quiet your mind; build your immune system, and take back control in uncertain times with Chris Johnson – an international speaker, thought leader, and bestselling author who travels the world helping people expand their Human Capacity by improving their health. You will always have setbacks, road bumps, corrections, and periods where things around you are out of control. When this happens, you have two options: play offense or play defense. Think of defense as washing hands, limiting travel, investing in less risk. While these can be practical strategies, the problem is most of us forget to play offense during periods of stress and uncertainty. Take back control and create opportunities!

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Team Dynamics & Behavior

A Team Dynamic is made up of unique behavioral clusters that we project when working with others. The way we contribute, interrelate, and behave is based on a lifetime of unique experiences, role learning, and personality that equips us with our own Team DNA. Join Paul Giroux, Director of Facilitator Training here at TeamBonding as he reviews how the value of individual behaviors contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of a business, which we call company culture. Learn how discovering individual and collective Team DNA helps people and their teams understand their strengths and weaknesses, enable better decisions, avoid unnecessary friction, and overall influence a winning team.

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The Art of the Podcast; Behind the Scenes

Get ready for an educational and hilarious sneak peek of our new podcast Team Building Around the World! Join host Rich Rininsland, along with Producer Melissa Ehlers, and host of The Boston Podcast David Yas as they give you an insider’s look at our interview lineup with representatives from 90 different countries, speaking more than 20 languages, to bring you the global voice of the team building industry.

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